Boat Fit Out Accessories Buying Guide

Boat Fit Out Accessories

Whether you enjoy cruising around your local waterways and rivers on the weekend or you prefer to head out onto the water for fishing trips with friends and family, a boat is essential for any water-based outdoor activity in Australia. At Anaconda, we have created a complete guide filled with awesome boat fit out ideas, from how to make your boat more comfortable to how to utilise the storage space, to ensure that your experience is one to remember.

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What Are Must-Haves For A Boat?

Must-Haves For A Boat

If you have just purchased a boat or are looking for what the best boat fit out supplies are to make your boat more practical, Anaconda has all your boating needs covered. Here are some of our practical recommendations to ensure that you are getting the most out of your boat.

Boat Fenders

Boat fenders are an essential boat fit out accessory as they are designed to help keep your boat protected from hitting or rubbing up against the sides when docking or mooring. For example, our Sidewind Fender R10 Boat Fender is made from heavy-duty plastic, is nitrogen-filled to provide stable pressure and has heavy-duty eyes to ensure looped ropes stay in position when tethering the boat fender in place. Unless you are staying stationary on the open water, a boat fender is an absolute must-have boating accessory.

Personal Flotation Devices

Personal Flotation Devices, also known as PDFs or lifejackets, are actually required by law depending on what type of size your boat is. PDFs like our Marlin Adults' Inflatable Manual L150 PFD are invaluable, especially in emergency situations. Apart from being available in a range of awesome colours and styles, all of our lifejackets are certified to AS4758.1 standards to ensure the utmost safety when out of the water.

Dock Lines

Also referred to as mooring lines, dock lines are another essential boating item because they enable you to safely dock and secure your boat when docking. Dock lines, like our Waterline Silver Anchor Rope, feature a stainless steel thimble spliced on one end to ensure that it has the strength to keep your boat tethered to the dock and won't drift off while you're away.


Navigation equipment is another essential boat fit out accessory when out of the water. From knowing where the fish are biting to navigating your way through unknown waters, even experienced boaters don't set out without a handy GPS. For example, our Garmin Echomap UHD 65CV Fishfinder / GPS Combo including GT24UHD-TM Transducer is perfect for every boater. It comes fully equipped with BlueChart g3 charts that cover the entirety of Australia and New Zealand and has Ultra-High Definition Scanning sonar to ensure you will always find a fishing spot where the fish are biting.

Boat Anchor

Whether you are docking or stopping out in the middle of the ocean, a boat anchor is one of the most important boat fit out items a boater can have. To stop your boat from drifting away from your original location, our Waterline Sand Anchor Kit 10Lb Anchor will get the job done. It includes a 10lb galvanised sand anchor, anchor rope, galvanised shackles and a galvanised chain, so you can rest easy on your fishing trip knowing your boat won't start floating off.

First Aid Kit

Whether it's a boat, a camping trip, a hiking trip or any other outdoor activity in Australia, a first aid kit is something you absolutely have to have. A typical first aid kit should consist of important items such as tweezers, sunscreen, cotton swabs, adhesive pads, scissors, pain relievers, disposable gloves and more. For a more detailed description, check out our Ultimate List of Essentials for your First Aid Kit.

Navigation Lights

Unless you plan of driving your boat only during the day, a quality set of navigation lights is another crucial item to have on your boat. Whether it is for preventing head-on collisions when driving the boat at night or for ensuring you can clearly see when there is limited visibility, our Waterline LED Port And Starboard Navigation Lights will light the way.

How Can I Make My Boat More Fun?

Make My Boat More Fun

When it comes to making your boat more fun, you can't go past a good pair of marine stereos. Whether it is for listening to your favourite tunes or your favourite podcast when out on the water, a powerful marine stereo will cut through the terrifying silence when contemplating existential dread and replaces it with some awesome tunes instead! For example, our Fusion MS-RA60 Radio Kit Including Classic Speaker Kit is water-resistant, is controllable through all smart devices and comes complete with marine stereo and two powerful speakers.

How To Make Your Boat More Comfy

Make Your Boat More Comfy

Since you will most likely be spending a lot of time in your boat, it has to be comfy and create a relaxing place to chill out and unwind in. This is why our team at Anaconda has come up with the best boat interior accessories and boat fit out supplies to make your boat extremely comfortable and practical.


When you need shade and protection on your next boat outing, you need a bimini from Anaconda. Providing maximum shade from the hot Aussie sun, a quality bimini is one of the best investments you can make for your boat. For example, our Oceansouth 3 Bow Bimini is durable and sturdy, made with a tough aluminium framework, features a Polyester ATLAS Canvas and has Adjustable Polyester Tension Straps to make sure it's securely held down during strong sea winds.

Boat Seats

Apart from providing exceptional comfort, installing more boat seats will make sure there is plenty of seats available when boating with larger parties. Our boat seats are made from premium upholstery and UV-treated polymers that ensure they will last a long time. For example, our Oceansouth Deluxe High Back Folding Seats have thick moulded foam cushions for maximum comfort, UV resistant fabric and a heavy-duty moulded plastic inner frame to make them extremely durable.


Awesome for keeping food and drinks nice and cold, our range of coolers at Anaconda are another essential item when it comes to useful boat accessories. We have a huge range of coolers that come in a wide variety of different sizes and styles so you can easily choose the right one for your boat. For example, the Evakool Icekool Icebox 46L can keep ice frozen for up to a whopping 6 days, which is perfect for long boat trips with friends and family. It is also made with a Tough polyethylene cabinet to ensure it can take a beating and last for many years to come.

Boat Storage Ideas

Boat Storage Ideas

Seeing as you will most likely be using your boat for awesome fishing trips, our team at Anaconda has come up with some great boat organisation accessories and boat deck accessories to make sure that you always have plenty of room for all your fishing rods, fishing line and fishing bait.

Fishing Rod Holders

Whether you take your fishing seriously or enjoy large fishing trips with friends and family, you are going to need plenty of storage space for your fishing rods. To ensure you have enough storage space with plenty of free open space, our range of fishing rod holders is perfect. For example, the Berkley Fishing Rod Rack can easily hold up to 16 fishing rods and will keep them tucked away and safely secure. This is perfect for ensuring that you always have a fishing rod at the ready and won't have to go searching throughout your boat.

Bait Boards

For not only ensuring that you have plenty of storage space on your boat, our range of bait boards are ideal for ensuring that you have plenty of space to prepare your bait and fish on the spot. For example, the Oceansouth Bait Board Large comes with extra rod holder mounts for extra storage space and has three separate compartments for holding knives, tackle and fishing lures. It also has a bottom compartment that is intelligently designed to catch the run-off of fish blood and guts when prepping fish and bait without needing to scrub your boat down afterwards.

Shop The Best Boat Accessories At Anaconda

Best Boat Accessories

When it comes to the best boat accessories at Anaconda, our helpful boat fit out accessories buying guide has you covered for everything you need to fit out your boat. For more excellent boat fit out ideas to ensure your boat has everything you need for it to be more practical and comfy, explore our entire marine range at Anaconda today!

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