Anglers who enjoy fly fishing, freshwater fishing and surf casting all appreciate waterproof neoprene waders for keeping warm and dry, even in chilly waters. The Anaconda fishing range includes highest quality equipment and apparel such as stockingfoot waders, thigh waders, chest waders, wading boots and much more, all at amazing prices.

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Yes, you can. Our chest waders, thigh waders and other waterproof waders by brands such as Wilson are the best on the market. The Anaconda range for anglers, from Jarvis Walker, Shimano, Simms, Snowbee, Alvey and other famous fishing brand names is worth exploring.

Wilson neoprene waders are the waders of choice for fly fishing enthusiasts, and are an essential accessory for getting the most from time spent fishing. Check out great Anaconda waders and other fishing products and make a wish list. You can purchase online using the convenient shopping cart and checkout, and use your Anaconda gift cards or gift vouchers to make huge savings on all waders and other equipment designed for professional and amateur anglers.


Waders are made to be worn as one complete garment, and include boots that are pre-attached to the legs of the waders, to allow you to submerse yourself into the lake or river up to your waist. At Anaconda, we offer nylon waders and neoprene waders.

Neoprene - This material has great insulation properties and is very durable, perfect in cold conditions, particularly for the less active angler.

Nylon - These models offer affordable and robust waders, they are lighter than neoprene waders but lack insulation. They are available in either plain or camouflage varieties.


Because waders have boots attached to them, the sizing is done on shoe size. At Anaconda, you can choose from a wide range of shoe sizes when selecting your waders. Quick release shoulder straps allow you to securely fit the garment around your chest area and across the shoulders.


To prolong the life of your waders, make sure you dry them thoroughly after use, including on the inside. Then hang them somewhere cool and out of sunlight to dry until your next trip. If you get an accidental puncture, in your waders, there are patches and repair kits for all types of material available that you can use to repair your waders. You will find these in the tent accessories range of the camping and hiking section, here at Anaconda.


Even if you are not a serious fisherman, having a pair of waders can come in very handy for occasions such as in the event of flooding, when launching boats into the water, or even when maintaining your swimming pool or garden pond.

While exploring Anaconda wader options, take the time to discover more amazing fishing products and accessories. We are Australia's favourite outdoor, camping and fishing retailer for all the right reasons, including an unbeatable range of fishing rods, fishing reels, tackle boxes and a whole lot more. Whether you require waterproof fly fishing waders or breathable apparel designed for fishing from a boat or kayak, we have it in stock.

Anaconda partners manufacture using technologically superior materials such as fluorocarbon and neoprene. Our soft plastic tackle boxes are ideal for storing jig heads, swivels, fly lines, sinkers, pliers, multi-tools, repair kits, spinnerbaits, hooks and anything else required for fast setup and successful fishing. In a nation surrounded by water, it's no surprise that fishing is a major Australian pastime, so if you are looking for life jackets, wetsuits, gaffs, fly rods, fly reels, overhead reels, surf rods, landing nets or any other angler essentials, we have it in stock.

We have it all, from backpacks and sleeping bags to spinning reels, squid jigs and the best waders on the planet, and you can discover it all at Anaconda online or in-store today.



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