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Anaconda offers pet supplies including toys, leads & collapsible bowls. Shop our dog camping gear & supplies to enjoy outdoor trips with your furry friend!

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Take Your Furry Friend Camping With Pet Supplies at Anaconda

Anaconda sells a selection of pet supplies so you can share your love of the outdoors with your four-legged friends, and take care of all their needs while doing so. We offer all the essentials a pet owner will need when travelling with pets ranging from car seat covers, rubbish bags, leads, toys to keep them occupied and feeding accessories.

What Dog Camping Gear & Accessories Can I Find At Anaconda?

  • Dog Walking Accessories: If you're taking your dogs to an open area with no fences, it's best to use a leash to prevent them from running away and keep them out of trouble. Dog leashes are also important for the safety and security of other people and animals in the area.
  • Seat Covers: If you let the dog out for a run in the woods or just take them to the dog park, it's not uncommon for them to not only have dirty paws, but be covered all over in dirt. And if it's been raining outside, they'll be a complete mess! A car seat cover saves you hours of interior cleaning and can be quickly removed and cleaned in preparation for the next trip. It also gives your dog more secure footing especially if your car has leather or vinyl seats, and keeps their nails from scratching up and damaging your upholstery.
  • Pet Feeding Accessories: For day trips of more than a few hours, Anaconda has food and water containers to make feeding and hydrating your dog much easier. Taking a bulky dog bowl with you while on a hike is less than ideal since it takes up unnecessary space. Having a collapsible container is just as effective and your dog can enjoy their meal or have a drink at any given opportunity. We also have water bottles that come with an integrated water dish so your dogs can stay hydrated with ease.
  • Pet Sleeping Bags: Great for on the go and when camping, our pet sleeping bags are lightweight, warm and cosy, featuring a zip-up cover and comfy base. A great dog sleeping bag is essential for helping furry friends feel safe and warm when travelling.
  • Pet Puffer Jackets And Coats: Keep your furry friends warm and snug in winter whilst on walks or when camping. The range of pet puffer jackets are lightweight, stylish and come in a variety of colours and sizes for every pooch.
  • Pet PFD Vests: Keep your dogs safe when playing near the water with dog PFDs. Our range features versatile dog life jackets which include convenient top handles and a range of sizes.

Pet Supplies FAQs

How to take your dog camping?

There are many factors to consider when taking your pet camping, trekking or hiking. Ensure you check whether your chosen campground or national park is pet-friendly and what the rules are about keeping them on a lead. Check out our complete guide to camping with dogs for a comprehensive list of considerations, tips & tricks!

What to take when camping with dogs?

Taking all the essential equipment and supplies is essential for any camping trip, and if you're including your pets this list will extend even further! Aside from your dog's food, bowls, leads, beds and vests/blankets if the weather is chilly, make sure you also pack some toys too! Toys are a great way to keep your fur friend engaged and give them a more directed activity if they still have the energy to burn!

Find Pet Supplies & Essential Camping Gear at Anaconda

Bringing your furry friend on your outdoor adventures is a great way to keep them healthy, happy and part of the family. Anaconda has everything you need to make the trip stress free for you and your dog, and you can find all our pet supplies in-store and online. We also have an extensive range of camping & hiking equipment and supplies, including tents, camp furniture, sleeping bags & mats, camp cooking gear and more! Be sure to sign up to Anaconda's Adventure Club for exclusive discounts, and check out our informative Adventure Centre Camping & Hiking articles for anything you want to know about enjoying the great outdoors.



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