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What's the use of a Spinnerbait?

Spinnerbaits are very popular in the bass fishing world, but are also extremely effective for other predatory freshwater fish like golden perch, cod, saratoga and pike. Spinnerbait can also be used in saltwater for different kinds of game fish such as redfish, snook, seatrout and flounder.

Spinnerbaits are very easy to use even for a beginner. All you do is cast your line and reel it in, and the spinnerbait will do most of the work for you. As you quickly reel in your line, the spinnerbait's blades will flutter and spin to attract the attention of fish that is looking for easy prey. The fish will not only see the glimmering of the blade, but can also sense the minute vibrations of the blades and the sound it makes in the water even from a distance.

Because of its effectiveness at getting fish to bite, many anglers use spinnerbaits to find out what kind of fish they can catch upon arriving at a fishing spot.

What kinds of Spinnerbait can I buy at Anaconda?

Anaconda has a huge selection of spinnerbaits featuring brands like Tackle Tactics, Strike Pro, Celta, Bluefox, Rublex and XTM. We have in stock various models of two most popular types of spinnerbaits, namely the safety pin spinnerbait and the inline spinnerbaits.

Safety pin spinnerbait

The most common spinnerbait is the safety pin type, also known as overhead spinnerbait. It's called the safety pin spinnerbait because of its wire framework that is bent in the middle at a sharp angle, which looks a lot like an open safety pin.

On one end of the wire frame are the metal blades which typically come in different shapes and sizes. On the other end is the weighted head and hook covered by a brightly coloured skirt made out of silicone, which is meant to make the spinnerbait look like live prey. The wire frame has an eye in the middle where it is bent so you can easily tie your fishing line to it.

Inline spinnerbait

Inline spinnerbait have a metal blade on top that spins around the same axis of the main body where the head and hook are attached. Because the entire spinnerbait assembly tends to rotate along with the metal blade, swivels are used to minimise line twist.

Inline spinners are typically used with a horizontal presentation, and can be cast or trolled behind a boat or kayak.

How do I choose what spinnerbait to use?

The safety pin spinnerbait is the preferred option if you have to fish through heavy cover. It doesn't get easily snagged on aquatic vegetation such as grass and weeds. They can also be used horizontally or vertically in either deep or shallow water, which makes them great for clearing out a particular spot.

Inline spinnerbait are also great for catching different species of fish and can be worked quickly and get fish biting right away. Some argue that inline spinners are great for catching lots of smaller fish while the really big fish are more attracted to safety pin spinnerbaits.

What other fishing lures can I buy at Anaconda?

Anaconda sells all the fishing gear and supplies any beginner or seasoned angler will ever need. Our collection of fishing lures includes hard body lures, soft plastics, jig heads, metal lures, blades, vibes, squid jigs and flies. We also have in stock a wide assortment of lure and live bait accessories like lure wallets, bait pumps and bait holders.



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