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The Halco company was purchased in 1980 by Neil Patrick, with the business expanding to include a vast range of plastic and wooden lures. The family tradition of innovation continues and Halco tackle is now Australia's foremost manufacturer of quality fishing lures and fishing tackle. Halco lures are built to last and are unsurpassed for fish catching. Halco fishing lures are exported to 70 countries and the development of new and exciting lures remains a top priority. The secret to Halco's success is its design, manufacturing and marketing teams who combine a wealth of experience with a love of fishing. Halco lures undergo a thorough program of development, refinement and testing to ensure life-like fishing lure performance that is guaranteed to attract fish.

Anaconda supplies a wide range of Halco lures for all types of fishing. Premium products include twisty lures, deep dive lures, outcast lures, popper lures, hard body lures and a whole lot more - all at unbeatable prices. Other impressive Halco fishing lure innovations available at Anaconda include glowing night walker lures that mimic frogs and other surface-dwelling creatures, ideal for night fishing in the dark. The whiptail jig fishing lure is another great innovation, providing an ingenious rattle system that attracts fish in murky water. Whether you require fluorescent day-glow octa lures for attracting reef and bottom dwellers, a surface skimming lure while trolling, or a depth-specific lure for deep-water fishing, Halco has your needs covered for a successful day on the water.

A winner of prestigious Australian and international angling equipment awards, Halco continues to impress. The partnership between Halco and Anaconda is a natural fit, where world-leading lures are accessible at Australia's leading camping, hiking, fishing and outdoor retailer. If you are looking to improve your chances of fishing success, look no further than Halco lures. As Australia's biggest retailer of outdoor apparel and equipment, Anaconda is an angler's paradise, with an extensive range of world-leading fishing gear.

Halco Lures FAQs

Where are Halco lures made?

Halco lures are made in Fremantle, Western Australia and are a proudly Australian-owned and operated business. Featuring a state-of-the-art facility that is located near the Indian Ocean, all of the testing, prototyping and designing for Halco fishing lures are done right here in Australia.

Should you use a swivel with a Halco Twisty?

Yes, you should absolutely use a swivel with a Halco Twisty. This is because having a twisted line will act as a weak point when you are reeling in and it will tangle very easily leading to your casting being impacted. To avoid this, simply make sure you are using a swivel to prevent your fishing line from twisting.

How do you keep a fishing tackle organised?

There are many ways to keep your fishing tackle organised. For example, you can use tackle kits to keep everything structured properly, organise your fishing tackle by species, keep all of your soft plastic fishing lures separate, keep your line in pockets so it doesn't get tangled up in your tackle box and much more.

Does fishing lure colour really matter?

Yes, the colour of your fishing lure does matter. There are two colour tones, silver and gold, and will depend on what type of water you are fishing in. Gold is good for fishing in darker water and silver is better when fishing on brighter days. However, if you are fishing in deep water, then colour doesn't matter because at that depth all colours start to look the same.

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