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Find the right inflation gear for mountain bikes & road bikes at Anaconda. Discover floor pumps, hand pumps, bike pumps & more online and in-store today!

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Find The Best Pumps & Inflation Equipment For Your Bike At Anaconda

At Anaconda you can find the right inflation gear to keep your bike and tyres in tip-top shape. Choose from mini pumps, pocket pumps and floor pumps made from durable and lightweight aluminium constructions. Explore designs with easy-to-read, top-mounted pressure gauges and reversible valves. Discover pumps suitable for front and rear suspension up to 300 psi, swivel hose attachments and ergonomic plunger handles. No matter what your bike specs, tyre types or valve requirements, you can find the right bike pumps from leading brands like Fluid, online and in-store at Anaconda.

Pumps & Inflation FAQs

What should I consider when buying a bike pump?

Pressure, volume and gauge accuracy are all things that may play a part in your decision of which bicycle pump to buy. The other thing to keep in mind is the fact that not every bicycle has the same tyre valves. Presta (racing style) and Schrader (car style) are the two most common valve types, with a Woods valve occasionally appearing too. Nearly all pumps these days will cater for at least Presta and Schrader, but some are easier to use than others.

Some pumps are valve-specific, while others must be changed internally to fit various valves. A twin-valve head will have two separate slots for either valve, while a 'smart-head' will automatically adjust to the various valve sizes. Then there's the thread-on style, which offers a reliable fit, but needs to be 'flipped and changed' depending on your desired valve.

What's the best bike pump?

The best bike pump is one that suits your bike, its tyres, and is one that you find easy to use. Consider weight and size, especially if you have to do long journeys or will be climbing many hills. If you're heading out on long bike trips, choose a bike pump that's easily transportable in case you need to inflate your bike tyres while off the beaten track.

What else can I use a pump for?

Bike pumps and floor pumps can be used to inflate a range of equipment like sports balls and inflatable pool toys. Just make sure the valves are comparable with your pump before you get started.

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Regardless of whether you are an occasional bike user or a regular bike enthusiast, you can find Schrader and Presta floor pumps, hand pumps, mini pumps and inflator accessories to keep you on the move at Anaconda. Explore the complete cycling range, where you can find bikes, bike accessories, safety & protection gear and more for the whole family. Shop the range online to enjoy the convenience of home delivery or click & collect for your purchases. Alternatively, head into your nearest Anaconda store to find the perfect bike and equipment to suit your needs. Don't forget to sign up to the Anaconda Adventure Club to enjoy Club pricing discounts and exclusive membership benefits.



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