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Anaconda's hydration packs, backpacks and water bladders are easy to carry, making them perfect for the outdoors! Shop our range today and stay hydrated!

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Hydration packs are backpacks with built-in water storage reservoirs or bladders and an easy access drinking tube and bite valve that allows you to conveniently take a sip of water whenever the need arises, without having to stop or even slow down.

With a hydration pack from Camelbak or other hydration bladder specialist, you can easily carry plenty of water and won't have to stop and take out a water bottle every time you want a drink. Hydration packs, hydration bladders and other hydration backpack equipment and spare parts are the secret behind long distance trekking and orienteering where a lot of ground is covered on foot over a period of days. A Camelbak Hydrapak, Camelbak Rogue hydration pack or other classic Camelbak Hydration equipment will ensure you are hydrated and fuelled-up, without having to slow down.

Hydration packs are extremely useful for recreational activities and sporting activities where hands-free style is best. A small hydration pack can be worn while walking, trekking, running, riding a mountain bike and most other activities. A quality hydration pack, hydration bladder or water storage solution is bound to be on your Anaconda camping wishlist, and while you are here, take the time to explore more Anaconda camping options and accessories such as day packs, water bottles, sleeping bags, cookware, headlamps, hiking tents and a whole lot more. Remember to stock up on emergency supplies and first aid equipment also.

When you're performing any sort of rigorous physical activity outdoors and away from convenient sources of potable water, consistent hydration is extremely important because you're bound to lose a lot of fluids via perspiration. A 2 L hydration pack will provide enough water for the entire day when used sparingly, even in the harsh Australian outback. If venturing on a long distance journey, use GPS and maps if necessary to locate local water sources along the way, and confirm water is running with a local ranger prior to departing. In dry outback Australia, carrying water bottles or other fresh water storage containers is essential. Hydration backpacks and hydration bladders are the lightweight, convenient way to overcome thirst while on the trail.

Anaconda is the camping, hiking and outdoor specialist with products from world leading manufacturers, all at affordable prices. Our hydration equipment and outdoor accessories are unmatched, from brand names such as Caribee, M.U.L.E., Sea to Summit, Blackwolf, Mountain Designs and a whole lot more. Our equipment and apparel product range is extensive, for every type of camper. Here are just a few ideas to complement your new Hydration backpack.

Hiking Accessories: Headlamps, first aid equipment, multi tools, binoculars, utility straps, carabiners and GPS devices.

Camp Accessories: Torches, travel bags, rucksacks, headphones, chargers and insect protection.

Camp Dining: water storage, food storage, cookware and gas cookers

The camping and hiking world has changed in the past few decades, thanks to major outdoor retailers such as Anaconda. Technology has also played a big role, and you can personalise camping and hiking your way, including the hydration pack, hydration bladder or other water storage equipment you prefer.



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