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Hydration Packs

Hydration Packs

In need of constant and quick hydration?

You can count on our range of hydration packs!

Hydration packs are easy to carry and provide you with a large supply of water when you need it!

Browse our catalogue today to view all of your options.

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What are the benefits of a hydration pack?

Hydration packs are backpacks with built-in water reservoirs or bladders and an easy access drinking tube that allows you to conveniently take a sip of water whenever the need arises, without having to stop or even slow down.

With a hydration pack, you can easily carry around large amounts of water and not always have to stop and take out a water bottle or container every time you want to take a drink. It is extremely useful for recreational activities that require the use of both your hands such as cycling or kayaking since you can just turn your head a bit and reach for the drinking tube with your mouth.

When you’re performing any sort of rigorous physical activity outdoors and away from convenient sources of potable water, constant rehydration is extremely important because you’re bound to lose a lot of fluids via perspiration.

The bag itself can also be used for storage and come in a range of sizes. Some hydration packs are just big enough to hold a handful of accessories, while others have ample space for a multi-day camping trip.

How do I choose the right hydration pack?

Hydration packs come in a huge range of sizes and designs to suit different outdoor activities. Before you buy any hydration pack, make sure it is suited to work well with whatever activity you intend on using it for. If you’re running or cycling, for example, you’ll probably want a more minimalist lightweight bag that won’t slow you down or affect your range of motion. If you’re hiking or camping having adequate supplies is more important, which means it’s better to go with a larger and heavier hydration pack with lots of storage space. Likewise, when you’re out in the sun for the whole day, you want to make sure your hydration pack’s bladder or water reservoir is big enough to carry a few litres of water. Taking a small hydration pack with you on an extended outing, means you’ll have to constantly find ways to refill it with water every couple of hours. If you think that a hydration pack’s reservoir is too big for your normal activities, remember that you can always just fill it up partway to suit the occasion.

As with all wearable bags, you’ll have to make sure that your hydration pack fits your body well. Otherwise, your performance and physical abilities can be hampered by the discomfort caused by carrying around an ill-fitting backpack.

What hydration packs can I buy from Anaconda?

Here at Anaconda, we have a huge selection of hydration packs for top brands like CamelBak, Fluid, Denali, BlackWolf and Sea to Summit. You’ll find a wide range of features in the different hydration packs we carry such as external fill ports, extra chest and waist straps, loads of storage compartments, rain covers, reflectors and helmet hooks, among many others.

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