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Stay Refreshed & Hydrated With The Best Water Bladders & Hydration Packs

Find the perfect hands-free hydration solutions at Anaconda with our great range of hydration packs. Staying hydrated is essential when engaging in rigorous outdoor activities, long haul hiking and snow sports, and hydration packs are perfect for keeping healthy on the go. Hydration backpacks and hydration bladders are the lightweight, convenient way to overcome thirst while on the trail, and at Anaconda you can find the best hydration packs from leading brands including Camelbak and Denali. Combine your hydration pack with essential hydration gear like water purification supplies and camping water storage containers to stay refreshed and adequately hydrated on any adventure.

Hydration Packs FAQs

What are the benefits of a water bladder or hydration pack?

Hydration packs, also known as water bladders, are backpacks with built-in water storage reservoirs or bladders and an easy-access drinking tube and bite valve that allows you to conveniently take a sip of water whenever the need arises, all without having to stop or even slow down. With a camel pack, you can easily carry plenty of water and won't have to stop and take out a water bottle every time you want a drink. They are extremely useful for recreational activities and sporting activities where hands-free style is best. A small hydration backpack can be worn while walking, trekking, running, riding a mountain bike and most other activities.

What's the best way to carry water while hiking?

Choosing between a water bottle or hydration pack is a personal choice, each with their own benefits when it comes to carrying water for your hiking trip. Consider the length of your hike - for anything that will take you away from convenient potable sources of water for a length of time, choose a water bottle or hydration pack with at least a 2L capacity to get you through the day. Hydration packs offer you the advantage of hands-free, easy access to drinking water on the go, making them the preferred choice for many hikers and outdoor adventurers.

How can I be sure that my water is safe to drink?

Boiling water is a simple and effective way to remove unwanted microorganisms from your water and ensuring it's safe to drink - but the equipment and time this takes is not always the best option when you're on the go. Another great way to ensure the safety of your water supply using water purification supplies when you're off the beaten track. Water purification solutions come in the form of filters, pumps, and water purification tablets and drops. These are added to your water to remove harmful bacteria without the need for a stove or fire.

Shop Hydration Packs & Hydration Supplies At Anaconda

Whether you're caravanning, camping with family or heading off the beaten track on a multi-day hike, you're going to want peace of mind that you'll be adequately refreshed and hydrated. Shop Anaconda's extensive range of hydration packs for camping for convenient, hands-free drinking water solutions for staying healthy on your adventures. Shop the complete range of hydration packs and hydration supplies online with Anaconda, where you can enjoy the convenience of home delivery or click & collect from your local Anaconda store. Find out important information like how much water to bring camping with our detailed hydration buying guide. You can also find great tips & tricks for your next adventure with our inspiring Camping & Hiking Adventure Centre articles.



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