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Shop Hydration Packs For Your Next Outdoor Expedition

Hydration packs are essential for rigorous outdoor activities where you need hands-free hydration. For long haul hiking and snow sports, hydration packs are perfect for keeping healthy on the go. Hydration backpacks and hydration bladders are the lightweight, convenient way to overcome thirst while on the trail. Read more about the benefits of hydration packs and find the best one for you at Anaconda.

What Are The Benefits Of A Water Bladder or Hydration Pack?

Hydration packs, also known as water bladders, are backpacks with built-in water storage reservoirs or bladders and an easy-access drinking tube and bite valve that allows you to conveniently take a sip of water whenever the need arises, all without having to stop or even slow down. With a camel pack, you can easily carry plenty of water and won't have to stop and take out a water bottle every time you want a drink. They are extremely useful for recreational activities and sporting activities where hands-free style is best. A small hydration backpack can be worn while walking, trekking, running, riding a mountain bike and most other activities.

What Else To Consider When Preparing For Your Hiking Expedition

Remember to stock up on emergency supplies and first aid equipment also. When you're performing any sort of rigorous physical activity outdoors and away from convenient sources of potable water, consistent hydration is extremely important because you're bound to lose a lot of fluids via perspiration. A 2L hydration pack will provide enough water for the entire day when used sparingly, even in the harsh Australian outback. If venturing on a long-distance journey, use GPS and maps if necessary to locate local water sources along the way, and confirm water is running with a local ranger prior to departing. In dry outback Australia, carrying water bottles or other fresh water storage containers is essential.


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The camping and hiking world has changed in the past few decades, thanks to major outdoor retailers such as Anaconda. Technology has also played a big role, and you can personalise camping and hiking your way, including hydration packs, hydration bladders or other water storage equipment you prefer. Shop our entire range of water bladders, camel packs, water backpacks and much more online or visit us in-store today. Remember to check out our Adventure Centre for helpful tips and exciting destinations such as the ultimate checklist for hiking essentials and essential hiking gadgets.



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