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How Do I Best Clean My Kid's Dirty Shoes?

Buying your child a new pair of trainers, only to see them dirty a couple of minutes later is a source of frustration for many parents. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy cleaning methods for your kid's dirty shoes, which increase the lifespan of that pair of sneakers or trainers. To find out how you best clean your child's shoes, be sure to read through our cleaning method overview below.

How Do I Clean Canvas Shoes?

Dirty shoes made from canvas can appear more difficult to clean, this since the stains often appear to end up in the material itself. However, this method can make your kid's canvas shoes as good as new.

Brush dirt away - Before you look at any persistent stains, always use a brush to brush away any dirt or debris from the shoes. Please note that this should be done gently, as applying too much pressure can cause dirt and debris to embed in the material.

Sole maintenance - Next, focus on the bottom of the shoes. If your child has been running around in the dirt, there might be some debris left. Grab an old brush or toothbrush and use a simple combination of water and baking soda to remove those remnants.

Dealing with persistent stains - If you cannot remove a stain simply by brushing it, you can use a simple stain remover from Anaconda. Add a small amount of your chosen stain remover onto the stain and leave for the allotted time. Then, put the shoes in a washing machine on a gentle, cold cycle. When done, leave the shoes to dry naturally. Do not place them in the tumble dryer.

How Do I Clean Leather Shoes?

The method to clean your child's leather shoes is quite similar to that of canvas shoes. However, you will need special products to make sure the leather is not damaged during the cleaning process.

Remove dirt and debris - Before you start cleaning or polishing the leather, you should always remove dirt and debris first. Use a brush with stiff bristles or an old cloth to remove dirt and grime from the shoes.

Damp cloth cleaning - Once you have removed the bulk of dirt and debris, take a damp cloth and wipe away any persistent stains that have remained on the shoes. However, be careful with the amount of water you use, as too much water can damage the leather material. Before you move to the next step, always let the leather shoes dry completely.

Leather treatment - To finish the cleaning process, you will need to execute a basic leather polish. Add some leather polish to a soft cloth and apply it to the shoes. Then, leave the shoes to dry for a moment. When dry, buff the shoes with a clean cloth to get a beautiful shine.

How To Clean White Trainers?

White trainers look brilliant when they are new, but they can get destroyed quickly once your child has worn them for a short while. Fortunately, there are some ways to make white trainers look like new again.

No matter the material the white trainers are made of, some white leather cleaner can do the trick. Use a small amount of this cleaning product to a wet cloth and wipe away persistent stains. There is one exception to the rule though. If you have trainers made from canvas, use a simple combination of water and detergent instead.

How Do I Get Rid Of Smelly Insoles?

Another common problem is a pair of smelly insoles. While you can simply replace the insoles with some new ones, you can clean the old ones if they remain in good condition.

To clean the insoles, remove them from the shoes first. Then, add some detergent to a bowl of water and submerge your preferred cloth. Scrub the insole with the wet cloth. Then, rinse the insoles in some warm water and leave them to dry.

Please note that you should never place insoles in direct sunlight or near a source of heat during the drying process, this could cause damage to the insole and make it unusable. Once the insoles are dry, you can return them to the shoes.



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