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Want to take your bikes with you on holiday, to an event, or to school or work? Then take advantage of our many different bike rack options that mean you can transport your bike or bikes on the back of your vehicle. With many different options for anything from one to four bikes, you can use our bike racks by fixing them onto your tailgate, over a spare wheel at the back of a 4WD, or by mounting them on the tow bar of your vehicle. Bike racks can be removed or folded out of the way when not in use

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Travelling on an adventure and want to take your bike with you? Transport your two wheel friend safely and securely with Anaconda's range of high quality bike racks. We provide bike racks to suit all vehicles, even those without roof rails or a tow ball. For more detail on the bike carriers Anaconda stocks online see below...

What are the Different Types of Bike Carriers Available at

Tow ball Mounted Bike Racks can be a very convenient option, provided your tow ball hitch is capable of carrying the load - Don't worry most vehicles do so easily.


  • Bikes are more easily loaded than rooftop car racks.
  • Tow ball can be used while rack is in use in most cases.
  • Vehicle height is not increased as with rooftop bike racks.
  • Your roof remains available for storage of other items.


  • Increased difficulty of accessing rear of vehicle.
  • Tow ball is required.
  • Bikes may restrict visibility when loaded.
  • Overall vehicle length is increased.

Boot Carrier bike racks are the simplest and perhaps most convenient way of carrying bikes on most vehicles including hatch backs, small SUV's and other compact vehicles. These racks tend to be cheaper than the other options. Be careful when installing to ensure that you do not scratch the rear of the vehicle when installing these racks.


  • Cheaper than the rest.
  • Easy and compact storage for this bike rack (can usually be stored in most car boots)
  • Fairly easily transferable from one car to another.
  • Provides a good option for rental cars when travelling.


  • With many points of contact on vehicles the risk of scratching the car increases.
  • These tend to be less secure than other bike carriers, though still very secure.
  • These bike carriers usually carry a maximum of 2-3 bikes - depending on the vehicle being used.
  • These bike carriers may not work with vehicles that have a spoiler.


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