Anaconda has a range of portable camp kitchens for your next dine around the camp fire. Explore our folding camp kitchens & accessories online or in-store!

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You are bound to get hungry on your camping trip, and if you are with a large family or camping group it can be difficult to satisfy everyone's taste buds. A compact camp kitchen provides real workspace for preparing meals, along with connectivity to LPG for your gas stove and cookers. You can also invest in the best dehydrated meals from Back Country, with dozens of tasty offerings from Anaconda for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If your camping vacation is for a week or more, take things to the next level using a generator, solar power, USB connectivity, chargers and gadgets for establishing hot water, water storage, a washing machine, iceboxes, heaters, headlamps, lanterns, entertainment systems and more. The choice is yours for a rustic getaway to commune with nature, or party central, glamping style.

Our foldable camp kitchen furniture and other campsite products will allow you to set up an expansive camp with sleeping quarters, camp kitchen, a portable shower, and even an ensuite should you wish. You can make full use of available outdoor space with gazebos, marquees, awnings, camping kitchens, mats, tarps, hammocks and other items that are easily transported for your camping trip.


The Anaconda camping kitchen and outdoor cooking range is huge. Brand partners include Sea to Summit, Coleman, Spinifex, Oztrail, Dometic and other highly-regarded names in the outdoor and camping industry. The Spinifex range of foldable, sturdy and adaptable camp kitchens is hard to ignore, with room for a camper cooker, food preparation, plus cookware and tableware storage areas.
For a simpler outdoor experience, fire restrictions allowing, a camping fire pit, BBQ and cast iron or stainless steel cookware is the no-frills solution. Quality counts for getting the most out of outdoor Australia, so take time to explore more Anaconda camping options, including sleeping bags, hiking tents, swags, day packs, duffle bags, water bottles, rainwear, thongs and anything else on your camping wishlist.

Fridge stand: If you are bringing your own little fridge, make sure you can keep it off the ground with this handy fridge stand from Anaconda. Not only will it save your back but it will also keep your fridge clean and allow you to make sure it is level on uneven ground.

Portable sink: This handy gadget is ideal for fetching water, but is also good for hot water and detergent, so you will not have to go far to wash up your plates and cutlery at the end of a meal. When not in use, it can hold some of your stuff or fold down into a compact unit for easy storage.

Fish filleting table: As the name implies, this will be ideal if you are planning to catch and prepare fish, but it will also come in handy for general camping trips, BBQs and more. A sturdy table surface with sink and tap, which can be connected to a portable water supply for running water just about everywhere. Waste water can be caught in a container, so it is easier to keep your camping environment nice and clean.

Bistro Table: A great, all-round table with storage that can be put to many uses around the campsite. With plenty of storage space underneath for a number of utensils and other campsite essentials, it quickly folds away when not needed and does not take up much room in transit.

Camp kitchen: Your compact camp kitchen and other camping gear should stow conveniently in your camper trailer, campervan, 4WD or other vehicle. Your waterproof camp kitchen should be fast to assemble, with spare parts readily available.

A deluxe camp kitchen is the gathering place at any established campsite, and with an Anaconda camping kitchen you are in control of proceedings. Camping kitchens keep things organised, regardless of weather conditions, allowing you to perform your camp cooking magic. Anaconda cookers, cookware and campfire equipment is designed for safety and performance, allowing the entire family to enjoy camp kitchen advantages.

Australia is a huge country, with every type of outdoor adventure possible. Take time to explore Coleman, Dometic and Sea to Summit products, and don't forget about insect protection and first aid supplies for all-round campsite comfort.



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