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Marine safety equipment and accessories are high priorities for Australian boat owners. Shop Anaconda's marine safety equipment, gear and devices now!

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What is marine safety and accessories equipment?

Marine safety and accessories are specifically designed to make boating a safer experience. Onboard safety equipment should include life jackets, emergency flares, a satellite navigation system, compass, bailing kit and other innovative products, all available at Anaconda.

Your safety-first approach should also include genuine marine-standard fuel storage containers, battery covers, safety rails and cleaning gear designed to keep the deck slip-free with no mould or mildew. As Australia's biggest outdoor, adventure and marine retailer, with more products than anyone else, Anaconda is the go-to retailer for people who expect high quality safety equipment at affordable prices.

What are some Anaconda safety equipment products?

A well maintained and fitted-out boat is a safe start. In addition, there are a lot of great products available at Anaconda for ensuring optimum boat safety and performance. Marine safety and accessories gear includes bilge pumps, battery covers, communication devices, fenders, life jackets, marine oils and more. If anything does go wrong while out on the water, high-quality marine safety equipment will save the day. Here are some Anaconda product examples.

GME 406MHz GPS Enabled EPIRB: This emergency position indication radio beacon (EPIRB), includes an integrated 66 channel GPS receiver with top mounted Quad helix antenna for better than 100m accuracy. It will emit an emergency signal for at least 48 hours non-stop.

Pains Wessex Flare Storage Bottle: This strong and watertight poly-bottle comes with a waterproof label for displaying details about storage bottle contents. Store lifesaving flares and torches safely and without fuss.

Pains Wessex Safety Grab Bag: This handy bag is hard-wearing, buoyant and water resistant. It is large enough to store essential safety equipment such as first aid gear, distress flares, a torch, whistle and simple tools.

Axis Boat Bailer Kit: Sometimes there is no alternative to old-fashioned bailing to keep your vessel afloat. A boat bailer kit, available at Anaconda, is the answer. If you are in danger of sinking, this kit is a life saver, and includes a throw rope with float, bailer bucket, torch, whistle and signal mirror.

Waterline Regatta Compass: The Waterline marine compass boasts adjustable compensators for accurate and level reading. The large display provides precise directional information, and the unit includes mounting options and vibration dampening.

Waterline Hand-Held Signal Horn: Signal horns have a lot of uses, and are ideal for marine use, sporting events and major gatherings. Powered by a 300mL gas cylinder, you are sure to raise the alarm with a Waterline Signal Horn.

Why choose Anaconda for marine safety and accessories?

Anaconda supports highest quality gear by partnering with major outdoor equipment brands such as Waterline, Axis, GME and Pains Wessex. We are also dedicated to providing all products for the lowest available retail price. We have more outdoor and adventure products than anyone else, an Australia-wide network of retail outlets, and an unbeatable online service. At Anaconda, we give you access to the latest and greatest outdoor equipment and apparel.

What other marine equipment should I look for?

Start exploring and you will soon find out. We have adventure kayaks, outboard motors, fishing gear, marine electronics, communications gear, cleaning equipment, bilge pumps, aerators, fenders, anchors, mooring equipment and a whole lot more. We are Australia's go-to retailer for marine safety equipment and accessories.

The extensive Anaconda safety and accessories range includes life jackets, personal flotation devices (PFDs) and emergency beacons that satisfy stringent Australian regulations. We support highest standards of marine safety and accessories so you can enjoy your day on the water to the max.



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