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Braid Fishing Line available at Anaconda will give your line worthy strength for deep water fishing. Purchase your braid fishing line at Anaconda today!

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Can I purchase braid line at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! Braid line is characterised by great strength, lack of stretch and resistance to abrasion, which can be very important, especially when fishing in deep waters or in rocky surroundings. Here at Anaconda, you will find various types and brands of braid line from various leading manufacturers, in clear as well as a range of colours and multi-coloured, and at different lengths, to suit many different fishing locations.

Why use braid line when fishing?

Braided fishing line continues to grow in popularity as the most versatile and durable line to spool on your reel. Its toughness in such a thin diameter makes it an excellent option for nearly all anglers. Braided line now made of synthetic materials and offers superior strength while maintaining a small diameter, making easy casting with much less stretch and greater sensitivity for the fisherman. Many braided lines are very difficult to break when snagged and will straighten hooks, allowing expensive lures to be retrieved. Braided lines work well in heavy cover while flipping or casting, eliminating most chances of line breakage while setting the hook or retrieving fish from these areas. Braided lines are also excellent choices for fishing in thick aquatic weed mats allowing anglers to retrieve the fish out of this heavy cover. Braided line can have a much longer reel life, if properly spooled and maintained while using.

Some tips on using braided fishing line

If you are new to using braided fishing line, or haven't bought your own and set it up yourself, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, braided line is thinner than monofilament. For example, a particular braided line may advertise 6-pound test line, while it has the same diameter as a 2-pound test monofilament line. Thinner line has many advantages, but it is a little more difficult to work with, for instance when tying knots.

Braided line is meant to be a strong line, capable of being pulled heavily when dragging big fish from the depths. Because of that, it has little to no stretch. This will change how you handle big fish on the line. You may want to experiment with drag settings to get the right feel. One chief advantage of the lack of stretch, however, is the ability to feel subtle bites on the line from virtually any depths. A very nice benefit when fishing deep waters.

The biggest drawback of braided line is its visibility in the water. While manufacturers are improving the visibility, it's still detectable under most conditions. That's why some fishermen recommended you add a monofilament leader to the end of your braided line. Also, make sure you carry a good pair of scissors with you as nail clippers or other traditional clippers used to clip mono line will not work as cleanly with braided. You will end with several frayed ends streaming from your knot.

Does Anaconda sell other types of fishing line?

Yes, as well as braided line, or braid, Anaconda also stocks a vast range of monofilament lines and fluorocarbon lines, which means that no matter which species of fish you are looking to catch, or in which conditions or location you are fishing, you will be able to find the right fishing line here at Anaconda.



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