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If you're planning an off-grid adventure, purified drink bottles and storage are absolute essentials. Anaconda's range of water purifiers and water drums will help you stay healthy and hydrated, no matter where you wander.

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Why purifying water is important

If you're out on a hike (or any adventure that takes you far from civilisation), drinking from a fresh, running stream can not only seem like a good idea but a fun and refreshing way to commune with nature. The trouble is, you never know when a body of water is harbouring harmful bacteria and protozoa like E.Coli or Giardia - and if you're a long way from help, these microbes can make you seriously ill and land you in a lot of trouble very fast.

By purifying your water before you drink it, you're ensuring these harmful microbes don't enter your body - keeping you healthy, hydrated, and free to enjoy your adventure. There are several different ways to purify water, and the best one for you will largely depend on what kind of adventure you've got planned and where you're planning on going.

Ensure you have purified water on your hikes

Anaconda has a wide range of lightweight water purification options for all types of adventurers. If you're setting up a base camp, boiling water can be a safe, cost-effective way of purifying water for drinking. Just make sure you have adequate water jerry cans or water containers for storing your filtered water, as well as any water bottles and hydration packs. This will ensure you're able to comfortably carry enough water when you're off on your daily hikes, rides and other activities.

For hikers, options such as water purification tablets to portable filtration devices that enable you to drink directly from wild bodies of water can provide a lightweight and packable water purification solution. If you're using purification tablets, just be aware that there are different kinds available with different usage guidelines.

Even if you have water storage and plan to take your drinking water with you, having purification tablets or a filtration device as a backup can keep you out of trouble if something happens to your water supply or you need more than you expected.

Find the Right Water Purifiers, Purification Tablets and Water Druams at Anaconda

For serious adventurers (and those looking to venture a little further afield), water purification is non-negotiable. After all, hydration is one of your primary concerns when you're away from the comforts of civilisation.

Anaconda's range of water purifiers, water bladders, purification tablets and water drums will help you make sure you have fresh drinking water on hand, no matter where you are. For an in-depth guide on camping hydration, check out our Hydration Buying Guide.

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