Camping Toilets & Showers

At Anaconda, our range of portable toilet and shower range includes toilets, water heaters and more! Stay fresh during your next camping trip with Anaconda.

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The campsite bathroom and toilet experience can be an emotional topic for many. Most prefer nice warm wash blocks with hot showers and plush paper with a clean toilet seat and a flush that mysteriously but thankfully removes all of our waste without faltering, but the truth is that sometimes you need to take your own facilities - especially if exploring some of Australia's more remote campsites.

If you are not the type of person who enjoys discussing such matters in detail well don't worry it will be over soon. The days when digging trenches and testing squat strength are over with luxurious shower/toilet tents, toilets and showers. You will feel like a Queen, or King and no longer have to trudge out into the distant wilderness to do the deed.

Portable toilets are also a good standby at home if you have a blocked sewer or are renovating the bathroom. Solar showers also have their use outside of the campsite. For example a day at the beach can be made all that more enjoyable with a steaming hot shower at the end. Let the solar hot shower heat up on top of the car while you are out on the beach and wash off the sand with some deliciously hot water.

What Camping and Toilet Products can I Purchase at Anaconda?

Camping Toilets & Accessories

From your basic porta loos that can be lined with a toilet bag to deluxe toilets with electric flush mechanics and toilet roll holders Anaconda stocks the leading brands including Spinifex, Thetford and Dometic along with all the accessories required. You will never have to use the campsites less than welcoming facilities or squat over a hole again if that's not your thing!

Camping Showers and Accessories

Heading into the great outdoors but still want to stay fresh and clean? Take one of Anaconda's many shower system with you. From a simple lightweight solar shower bag with attachment, to complete hot water on demand systems, we have the solution to suit your needs and take the creature comforts away with you.

We also supply a range of Camping Shower Accessories, including everything from compact wet wipes and shower gel bottles to pocket towels and waterproof wash bags. So whether you are looking for a nice hot shower after a busy day or a refreshingly cool one, you will find everything you need for your next adventure or camping trip at Anaconda.

Portable Washing Machines

Yes you read correctly, we have portable washing machines here at Anaconda that can really make your campsite seem like home away from home. The only difference is that your backyard is massively bigger!



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