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Stay fresh with our portable flush toilets and water heaters! Anaconda offers camping bathroom and laundry supplies for the best outdoor ensuite experience.

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Add Comfort To Your Camping Trip With Portable Toilets & Camping Showers

If you're exploring some of Australia's more remote campsites then you'll likely find yourself in need of a few extra additions like a camping shower and camping toilet. At Anaconda we have a great range of modern bathroom and laundry conveniences that will keep you fresh and clean throughout your camping trip. A portable camping toilet, shower tent and waste tank will bridge the gap between primitive and civilised camping toilet options, and leave you feeling renewed and comfortable so you can make the most of your outdoor adventure.

What Can I Find In Anaconda's Range Of Camping Showers & Toilets?

Camping Showers & Toilets FAQs

How do I choose the best camping shower or camping toilet?

There are many factors you should take into account when choosing the right portable toilet or shower for your camping trip. Consider things like the length of your trip, the amount of people who will need to use the facilities, the weight of the items (if trekking or hiking) and access to water. For a comprehensive overview, check out our informative buying guide on choosing the best portable toilet and camp shower.

How to shower when camping

A portable shower offers you a little more home-style luxury when heading off the beaten track. Portable showers are designed with a soft bladder or hard plastic container filled with water, a showerhead and hose and are often used in conjunction with a hot water heater for extra comfort. Choose from gas power or solar power for your heating options, and opt to use it with a pop-up shower tent to provide extra privacy.

What are other options for staying clean and fresh on my camping trip?

If you're going on an extended trek and the volume of luggage you're taking is an issue, choose to carry some wet wipes or wilderness wipes to keep fresh - these are also a great option if access to running water is a concern. A dip in a local creek is always a great way to freshen up too! When it comes to toilet facilities, however, it's important to always prioritise taking some form of basic portable toilet on your trip - not only for the convenience of not having to dig a pit toilet, but to ensure that any waste you would otherwise leave behind doesn't affect the environment.

Elevate Your Outdoor Experiences With Camping Toilets & Showers At Anaconda

Going off-grid doesn't mean compromising on comfort, modesty or discretion. At Anaconda we have all your camp shower and portable toilet needs covered - from the basic to the luxurious! Explore the range at your local Anaconda store, or make your purchases online and enjoy the options of home delivery or free 2-hour click & collect! You can find some great inspiration in our Camping & Hiking Adventure Centre articles, such as how to be self-sufficient when camping off the grid, and informative tips and tricks in our Camping & Hiking Buying Guides. Make sure you also sign up to the Anaconda Adventure Club for exclusive Club discounts and other benefits!



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