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Discover Great Value Camping & Outdoor Essentials From Spinifex

At Anaconda you can find a great range of Spinifex tents, camping furniture, sleeping bags, camping cookware and camping tent accessories - just to name a few items in the Spinifex range! When it comes to planning for camping trip success, Spinifex has you covered. Utilising waterproof materials and special manufacturing techniques for deluxe comfort, Spinifex more than delivers on the high standards expected by Australian campers. Whether you're camping, hiking, planning an off-road 4WD & caravan adventure or just planning a day at the beach, you can find all your essential outdoor gear with Spinifex and Anaconda.

What Products Can I Find In The Spinifex Range?

Spinifex is a family-friendly business, providing wide-ranging options for camp accommodation and furniture. The products are all about comfort, convenience, and tailoring the outdoor style for people of all ages. Whether you need fun and funky camp chairs for the kids, snug sleeping bags, inflatable air beds or an extensive tent that will accommodate the entire family, Spinifex has solutions that will fit the bill. The tents, furnishings and shelters are all created with materials that withstand and repel sunshine and harmful rays. They also include reinforced stitching in the corners and seams, plus plenty of flex so you can set up and secure all structures safely.

Spinifex FAQs

How to fold a Spinifex sleeping bag

The best way to re-pack your Spinifex sleeping bag after use is to actually stuff it into the included sack, rather than trying to roll or fold it. Trying to fold it can inadvertently create extra bulk from the loft or filling inside the sleeping bag due to its construction - making it harder to pack up. Instead, grab your sleeping bag from the foot end and start stuffing it into the included sack. Make sure you push it in tightly and compress it as firmly as possible. Once the sack is partway filled, hold it between your feet and continue to feed the sleeping bag inside.

Top Tip: If your sleeping bag has a waterproof outer layer, try turning the sleeping bag inside out before stuffing into the sack - this will help to minimise any air pockets and extra bulk.

What Spinifex camping chairs should I choose for my adventure?

When it comes to lightweight and practical camp furniture, Spinifex has you covered! The right camp furniture will ensure the comfort of you and your family. The Spinifex moon chair is a popular choice, featuring a deep padded seat and a strengthened steel frame. Explore the range of camping chairs and kids' camping chairs to find the perfect Spinifex chair for your adventure, and check out our handy camping chairs buying guide so you can make an informed purchase.

Can I find Spinifex shower & toilet tents in Anaconda's range?

When it comes to staying fresh, hygienic and maintaining privacy, Spinifex offer a great range of portable toilets and shower tents. You can find Spinifex pop-up shower tents that are easy to put up and disassemble in Anaconda's selection of camping toilets & showers. Discover more about creating the ultimate camping bathroom with Anaconda's camp toilets & showers buying guide.

Explore Anaconda's Extensive Camping, Hiking & 4WD Ranges

  • Tents, Sleeping Gear & Camp Furniture: At Anaconda you will find Spinifex family tents, multi-person tents, awnings, Spinifex gazebos and shades, and a huge range of camp furniture like Spinifex camping chairs. We also have a wide range of Spinifex camping mattresses, sleeping bags and air beds so you can rest comfortably whilst camping.
  • Camp Cooking & Food Storage: Explore the range of cookers, BBQs, cast iron cookware, camp dining sets and more from Spinifex to create the perfect camp kitchen. Explore the range of fridges & coolers including cooler bags by Spinifex to keep food and drink fresh on your adventure.
  • Mod Cons: Just because you're off the beaten track, that doesn't mean you have to go without! Explore heating & cooling options by Spinifex to keep your tent at the optimal temperature, and enjoy the comfort and privacy that the right toilet & shower tent can offer.

Elevate Your Campsite With Spinifex At Anaconda

Whatever your favourite outdoor pastime or sport, Spinifex products are designed to enhance the experience and improve performance on any camping & hiking adventure. Shop for all your campsite essentials with Anaconda and Spinifex online, where you can choose from click & collect or home delivery for your order. Alternatively, head into your nearest Anaconda store where our friendly team can help you find everything you need. Our tents buying guide has everything you need to know about choosing the right tent, and our Adventure Centre articles are sure to inspire and inform your next outdoor adventure!



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