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Men's Running & Sports Shoes

Men's Running & Sports Shoes

Regardless of how much running you do, make sure you have the right kind of footwear! A good pair of running shoes will provide flexibility, durability, and support, and will help you if you are trying to improve your performance or your speed.

Different styles of running and terrains require different running shoes. At Anaconda, choose from running shoes for distance, uneven terrain, shoes with gel inserts, lightweight shoes and more in sizes 6 - 15, including many well-known sports brands at competitive prices.

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Can I purchase mens running shoes at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! Here at Anaconda, we have running shoes for all types of conditions and terrains, from running in the gym to running long-distance across varying terrain outdoors. Get the right protection and support from your running shoes by choosing the right type of shoes for your distance and terrain to help you run faster, longer, and in more comfort.

What should I look for when choosing running shoes?

Of course, it is perfectly possible to run in different types of shoes, and you may already have some trainers or tennis shoes at home that you think will do the trick. But if you plan to take up running seriously, you will soon find that investing in a pair of dedicated running shoes is the only thing to do. Running involves a very specific and repetitive movement of the foot, from heel to toe, as well as repeatedly bouncing your whole body weight up and down. Shoes need to have the right grip and traction, they need to allow your foot to breathe, and they need to be comfortable over the long distance.

The most important thing to consider is the fit. Some things to take into account when choosing your perfect running shoe are:

A proper fitting running shoe should fit snug in the heel and midfoot with wiggle room around the toes.

Check for the right length and width by pressing your thumb down next to the ball of the foot and around the toes. A good fit is half to a full thumb’s width.

Hold the heel of the shoe and try to raise the heel of your foot. There should be little or no movement.

Check the eyelet rows on either side of the tongue. These rows should be close to parallel with each other.

What types of running shoes are available at Anaconda?

With the wide range of running shoes on offer, you can find every type of running shoe here. Choose from entry-level models right up to specialised running shoes by top brands. You can filter your choices by size, brand, colour, price and rating, and check for special offers and discounts too. Product descriptions will give you further details of the features of every model running shoe.

Does Anaconda stock different types of shoes as well?

Yes, you can find all types of shoes here at Anaconda including casual shoes, sandals and thongs, snow boots, gumboots, walking, hiking, cycling and trekking shoes and boots, and work & industrial footwear to name but a few. As well as a large range of shoes for men, we also stock many different types of shoes for women and kids, in separate ranges. Browse the collection today to see what is on offer to find your ideal footwear here at Anaconda!

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