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Find Supportive Men's Trail Running Shoes, Sports Shoes & Road Running Shoes at Anaconda

Keeping fit and active is an integral part of staying healthy, and having the right sports shoes or running shoes is vital for minimising the stress and impact of fitness activities. Whether you're a keen marathon runner, mountain runner, trail walker or tennis player, Anaconda's range of men's runners and cross trainers has you covered. Discover high-quality, specially designed men's sports shoes from leading brands such as Nike, Adidas, Skechers and more today! We stock fantastic running shoes designed for running on pavement on the treadmill or for daily use as well as specially designed trail running shoes for rough terrain.

Trail running shoes vs regular running shoes - what is the difference?

Trail running shoes are specially designed to be used on uneven surfaces such as rock, gravel, dirt and mud. The outsole of trail shoes has a deep thread, allowing optimal grip and stability. Regular running shoes are designed to be more lightweight and for smoother surfaces. Opt for men's trail running shoes if you are heading off-road for mountain running, fast-packing, adventure racing or obstacle course racing. Some features to look for in men's trail running shoes include:

  • Outsole: Look for outsoles with deep treads for maximum grip and traction on touch surfaces.
  • Midsole: Men's trail shoes should have specialised cushioning technologies for shock absorption and comfort during long runs.
  • Upper: The upper should be light, protective and waterproof to withstand the elements.
  • Toe Protection: When navigating the outdoors, ensure toes are protected with trail shoes that have toe caps.
  • Weight: Trail shoes may be slightly heavier than traditional running shoes due to protective features. Modern trail shoes strike a balance between weight and features for the perfect fit.

What Features Can I Find In Anaconda's Range Of Running & Sports Shoes?

When it comes to finding the best runners or trail shoes, you can discover a huge range of beneficial features in Anaconda's sports shoes to support your feet and body through any activity. Here are just a few!

  • Soft sock liners and plush linings
  • Supportive, shock-absorbing and cushioned midsoles
  • Rubber outsoles for advanced traction
  • Ortholite comfort insoles
  • Waterproof GORE-TEX membranes

Composed of lightweight materials such as EVA and breathable synthetic mesh uppers, you can be sure to find the right combination of features, benefits, and superior comfort for your chosen sport. Be sure to check out our informative guide on how to choose the best running shoes for some great insights in finding the perfect pair for you!

Men's Running & Sports Shoes FAQ

How to clean running shoes

There are a range of different ways to keep your sports shoes looking their best. For regular maintenance and cleaning, many running shoes can be laundered in your washing machine - just make sure to check the manufacturer's instructions first! To start the cleaning process, remove any excess dirt from your runners, then remove the laces as well. Use a gentle machine cycle and a cold wash temperature to prevent colours from running or your shoes becoming misshapen. Adding a towel to the machine reduces the risk of sports shoes bouncing around and damaging the machine drum or the shoes themselves.

What's the difference between running shoes, sports shoes and cross trainers?

Running shoes, sports shoes, trail shoes and cross trainers are all designed to be as lightweight as possible, but keep in mind that each is designed to cater for a specific type of activity. Running shoes are purpose-built for forward, heel-to-toe motions so they help your feet withstand the repetitive impacts on the footpath or trail. Sports shoes such as cross trainers aren't intended to withstand the same level of impact force but can accommodate greater lateral forces that make them great all-rounders for different activities like gym workouts and aerobics. For this reason, it's important to match the shoe to the sport or workout you intend on doing to decrease your risk of developing injuries in your feet, knees and heels.

How to tie shoelaces on sports shoes

To minimise the risk of injury and to maximise the support your runners offer, it's important to correctly lace your shoes. Comfort and support are intertwined when it comes to sports shoes - your lacing technique should mean your shoe feels firm on the foot but not too tight! The "heel-lock" lacing method is designed to prevent slipping in your running shoes and is particularly beneficial for trail or long-distance runners.

What Other Men's Footwear Can I Discover At Anaconda?

At Anaconda, we have more than just runners to protect your feet! Explore practical footwear options for any activity, including:

Hit The Pavement In Style & Comfort With Men's Running Shoes From Anaconda

No matter what your favourite sport or preferred exercise regime is, Anaconda has all your foot support and protection needs covered with our selection of quality men's running shoes. Finding the perfect pair of sports shoes is simple with our easy-to-browse website. You can shop online and enjoy convenient home delivery and click-and-collect options for your order - or shop in-store and get the assistance of our friendly and knowledgeable team members. For exclusive membership benefits and Club pricing, make sure you sign up to our Adventure Club as well!



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