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Womens Footwear Accessories

Womens Footwear Accessories

Everything you need to look after your shoes can be found here in the footwear accessories range at Anaconda, with the products in the Granger's collection, Shine, wax, or waterproof your shoes and boots with a large selection of specifically designed products.

Also included here are a variety of socks aimed at comfort for your feet while walking, cycling, running, skiing or performing a huge number of other sports, as well as toe warmers for extreme cold conditions, and comfortable slippers to treat your feet at the end of a busy day.

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Can I purchase women’s footwear accessories at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! Anaconda has a whole range of women’s footwear accessories including socks in different styles, toe warmers, and various types of cleaning, protection and waterproofing products for your footwear.

What are toe warmers?

Toe warmers are mostly used by cyclist to put over the top of their cycling shoes. Cycling shoes often have a part mesh construction, which is great for when you want to keep your feet cool in hot conditions, but when the colder weather arrives, they can let in too much cold air. Toe warmers are wind proof and water resistant and will fit snugly over your cycling shoe to keep your feet warm.

What types of socks are included in this range?

Anaconda stocks a large range of socks, from the minimal low cut socks often favoured by tennis players and other sportspeople which covers only the area inside the shoe, to ankle socks, standard socks, knee high socks, thermal socks, cycling socks and even compression socks. So, whether you are looking for cotton socks for hot climates or Merino wool for your skiing trips, it is all available here at Anaconda.

What about the various cleaning products?

The Grangers range of footwear products includes various cleaning, water repelling and proofing products to improve the appearance, effectiveness and lifespan of your footwear. Leather, suede, and man-made footwear all have different cleaning and waterproofing requirements, so with the many products on offer you can find the right solution for your footwear here at Anaconda. Some products are also designed to prevent stains and there is even a special down cleaner which is great for down-filled items.

Of course you will also find footwear accessories for men and kids here at Anaconda, as well as many different products in the footwear category, so please remember to check out the different ranges today to find all your footwear solutions for the whole family in one place at great prices!

How do I purchase footwear accessories from Anaconda?

To purchase our superb range of footwear accessories at Anaconda, browse through our products above and follow the instructions right through to check out. We accept all major payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard and PayPal, and we will deliver right to your door. Alternatively, if you prefer, call into one of our nationwide stores, where our team of assistants will be happy to provide help and support with whatever you need. With great value deals and savings across the collection, shop footwear accessories today and always step to success on your outdoor adventure.

What is included in this range?

This range includes a whole host of accessories that will help to ensure that your hiking boots or shoes always offer optimum performance. With cleaners, wash, proofer, and more, you are sure to find exactly what you need to get your boots ready and always put your best foot forward. Choose body balm to help prevent blisters, odour eliminator to avoid smelly shoes from stinking out the tent, or explore our range of gaiters for that extra layer of protection.

How do I proof my hiking shoes and boots?

Aftercare provides a longer life for your footwear, so keep them clean and treat them well. Treat your shoes or boots with appropriate treatments to maintain their high quality. The method that you use to proof will depend on the material of your footwear, and we always recommend checking the individual instructions that come with your product carefully. If you have noticed that water has started to go into your trusty shoes, then it probably time to reproof them to extend their performance for longer.

We recommend that you clean your boots properly before you begin, ensuring that there is no dirt or debris in any of the nooks and crannies. Remove your laces prior to cleaning, and ensure that they are properly dry before you begin. Do not use a heat source to dry your proofer, and instead allow drying naturally away from direct sunlight.

Why should I wear gaiters?

Gaiters are garments that are worn for protecting your feet and lower legs. Covering the top of your footwear, Gaiters protect your feet from all the elements by preventing snow, water, dirt or pebbles getting into your shoes. They are seen as an essential piece of kit for many outdoor adventurers, and these fantastic items can make all the difference. Conquer the great outdoors in comfort now and get gaiters today at Anaconda's unbelievably low prices.

How should I clean and care for my gaiters?

To keep your gaiters looking new, make sure that they are cleaned, dried and packed away after each use. Gently wash your gaiters with warm water and a sponge or nail brush, removing all of the debris from your gaiters, before allowing them to dry naturally. We do recommend that you spray your gaiters with a waterproof spray after you have cleaned them, as this will enable them to offer optimum protection for longer.

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