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How to protect yourself from mosquitoes and insects

Australia is renowned for its creepy crawlies, and while many of them are harmless, bites and stings are all too common. Insect protection will help you maintain a barrier between you and them whenever you're outdoors. Here's some of the best ways to keep the bugs at bay:

Use insect repellent

Using insect repellent is one of the most effective ways to keep mozzies and other insects at bay. Once it's applied to your skin, it dries quickly so you're hardly aware it's there - the bugs certainly are though, and they will steer well clear of it and leave you in peace. Just be sure to read the directions before use, especially with children, as not all insect repellents are suitable for little ones.

Install mosquito nets

Fly and mozzie nets are also great options as they will not only prevent insects from biting you but they'll also stop them buzzing around close by and disturbing your sleep. Mosquito nets are ideal if you have young children, as they'll help get a good night's sleep without having to come into contact with insecticides.

Wear mosquito bands

Mosquito bands offer protection against biting insects and are perfect for those who are sensitive to insect repellents. They're also waterproof and last for around 48 hours, so they're great for multi-day hikes and other activities where you're exposed to the elements and insects for an extended length of time.

Wear long, light-coloured clothing

Another way to prevent insects from biting your skin is simply to cover it up. Long, light-coloured clothing will not only keep the bugs off your arms and legs, but it'll also provide great sun protection too. What's more, light-coloured clothing will reflect the sun's heat and can actually help to keep you cool in hot summer weather.

Find the Right Insect Repellents, Fly Nets & Mosquito Bands at Anaconda

If you're headed into the great Australian outdoors, insect protection should be a fundamental part of your camping health and safety setup. From a mosquito net over your bed and sleeping mats, to keeping insect repellent in your first aid kit, adequate insect protection will help make sure you stay safe and comfortable on any adventure.

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