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Australia is a country of amazing scenery and great escapes. However, the joy will soon turn sour if your campsite is invaded by mozzies, flies, midges, gnats or other nasties found in outdoor Australia. Anaconda showcases an extensive insect protection range, including insect repellent, fine mesh products, goggles, fly nets, sunscreen, head nets and apparel manufactured with special insect repellent properties. Explore Anaconda insect protection and enjoy the great Australian outdoors your way.

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Insect protection is a first aid priority for campers, hikers, trekkers and other outdoor people. Mosquito nets are extremely personal protective equipment PPE against mozzies, midges and other biting insects. If purchasing a tent, ensure it has a mosquito fly and insect net windows so you can relax inside in comfort. The weather plays a big role in mozzie outbreaks, so make sure to pack appropriate rainwear, headwear, face protection, a sun hat, sunscreen, head net mesh and safety glasses, depending on your personal requirements. We have it all on show at Anaconda.


There are a variety of ways to minimise bug trouble while on a camping trip. Here are a few suggestions.

Check for bug spots - Some bugs are more likely to accumulate in certain areas, for example, mosquitoes are more likely to favour water for their reproduction. If you want to avoid those bites and stings, keeping clear of these environments is certainly advised.

Secure your sleeping location - If you are staying outdoors overnight, you must ensure that you are fully protected against those insect bites while you are sleeping too. Tents can easily be kept shut nowadays, as you can get mesh designs that keep your tent cool while enabling you to keep doors and windows closed. Of course, you can also take extra measures such as turning off any light inside the tent.

Prepare For Bites - Even if you take a bunch of precautions, you can still get bitten. Therefore, you should always have some bite and sting relief on your person, this can reduce some of the itch or pain you experience if such a bite or sting should occur.

Store your food appropriately - There are a lot of things that could attract bugs. However, one of the main things that could attract the bugs in your environment is the food you take with you. To prevent bugs from entering your personal environment because of food, you must store your food appropriately.

Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can store your food and keep it from attracting unwanted nasties from the wilderness. There are dedicated camping fridges, which can keep your food fresh and safe at the same time. Of course, there are also specialist storage boxes, which you can use to keep your food safe, but remove it from your sleeping location, so you do not attract any wildlife.


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