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Your Guide To Buying Your Tow Bar

There are many instances where you might need a tow bar, this ranges from driving to your next campsite to towing a trailer with your horse. Depending on your needs, various tow bars are available. If you are unsure about which tow bar to buy, or simply need more information about the tow bar and its use, please read through the comprehensive guide provided by the Anaconda team below.

What Is The Tow Bar And How Is It Used?

A tow bar is used on the chassis of your car. There are various types that can be used, depending on your needs. It allows you to pull vehicles, trailers, and even caravans. Below, we will explain which type of tow bar can be most beneficial for your needs and how you choose the right tow bar from our selection.

What Do I Need Consider Before I Purchase A Tow Bar?

While most tow bars look the same, there are various factors to take into consideration when you look for a tow bar. Your car on its own is important, this includes the make, model, and even the year your vehicle was made. Your current driver's license will also determine how much load you can pull.

Before you look at the different types of tow bars, always check the tow points that are present on your current vehicle. If you are unsure where to find the tow points, always refer to the manual of your vehicle.

Once you have gathered the information mentioned above, you can start looking at the different types of tow bars and determine which are most suitable for your requirements.

What Are The Different Types Of Tow Bars?

As we mentioned before, there are different types of tow bars that can be implemented on your vehicle. Please note that tow bars may vary depending on the country you are in. For example, tow bars used in the UK and Europe may not necessarily be the same as the ones used in the United States or Australia. So, many variations on the basics we clarified below are possible.

The Car Incorporated Tow Bar - Some older car models already have a tow bar installed on it. These tow bars had many benefits, as they aligned themselves. The setup was also relatively easy, considering the tow bar was made for that specific car. However, if such a bar is not present on your vehicle, you will need one of the tow bars mentioned below.

The Rigid Tow Bar - Rigid tow bars are known for their triangular appearance. As the triangular shape is quite recognisable, you will have little problems finding this type of tow bar among all the others.

Car owners should use a rigid tow bar if they do not intend to use it on a daily or weekly bases, as this tow bar is designed for infrequent use. While it is more affordable than the other types, drivers will notice that the tow bar is difficult to align. So, if you need to pull a load only once a year, this could be an option.

The Flange Ball Tow Bar - This type of tow bar is still affordable and quite flexible, so the flange ball tow bar is certainly a popular choice. As the name suggests, this type of tow bar usually has a ball mounted on the bar itself. It can be combined with a number of accessories, which allows for more versatile and precise towing. As such, the flange ball tow bar is one of the most popular options for frequent use.

The Self-Aligning Tow Bar - A self-aligning tow bar requires quite a setup. Despite that, this tow bar aligns itself, which makes for easier transportation. Much like the flange ball tow bar, this is a recommended option for frequent towing because of its self-alignment.

Choosing A Tow Bar From Anaconda

Choosing a tow bar becomes a lot easier once you have obtained the relevant information. When in doubt about the type of tow bar that is most suitable for your vehicle while you browse our catalogue, do not hesitate to contact the Anaconda team for some professional advice.



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