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Treat yourself, or the angler in your life, to one of the numerous bags specially designed for fishermen. Browse our tackle bag range from Anaconda.

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Can I purchase tackle bags at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. If you are looking for something that will store all your fishing gear, bait, lures and other essentials when fishing, you should definitely check out the range of bags and wallets available here at Anaconda. The range of tackle bags includes various colours and sizes of speed bags, soft bags, wading bags and shoulder bags, as well as a weekend bag.

Why should I use a tackle bag when fishing?

Anglers are an active lot, and accessing their favourite fishing spot often requires crossing difficult terrain on foot or crossing the waves by boat. To keep your fishing tackle safe on these journeys, a tackle bag is essential. Having one huge bag that accommodates everything might be an anglers dream, but, in reality, this is totally impractical - both to bring down to the bank and to use once you have struggled to get it down there.

What should I carry in my tackle bag?

Tackle bags are some of the most important luggage items for the angler who likes to be organised on the bank. Your rigs, floats, leads, and other essential accessories tend to be the smallest items in your tackle collection and they could very easily be lost or damaged if you were to throw them all in the bottom of your large rucksack or carryall. Tackle bags and accessory cases are designed to protect your most vital bits of fishing tackle.

What are the different types of tackle bag?

Some fishermen prefer to use hard-sides tackle boxes, while others prefer the lightweight soft tackle bags. You will need to decide which you prefer. Some anglers who vary the species of fish they like to catch will store all the essential accessories for each species separately. Some tackle bags like the Plano Speed Tackle Bag are designed to work with other tackle storage, and can have various tackle trays inserted so you have only the correct gear with you on the day.

What else is included in the range?

If you like to stand in the water or the surf when catching your fish, then you might like to check out the new Alvey wading bag. Anglers rely on their wading bag when walking long distances on the beach or when fishing shoulder to shoulder during a ferocious bite period. The new bag features a host of accessory holders and is very well equipped to allow the angler to fish for longer periods without having to go back to the 4WD or camp to get fresh supplies of bait or rigs, etc.

Features included with the new bag are a heavier strap with a rubber shoulder pad for comfort, pocket for small tackle boxes and bait, a drink holder (dehydration can be a threat to anglers), Fish Ruler pocket to suit the ALVEY fish ruler (with printed frequently updated common species sizes and bag limits for each Australian State), bait knife holder, worm pliers holder, hook disgorger pocket, reflector safety strip for night fishing on the rocks or beach, heavy duty fast draining panels in the bottom of the bag and pockets. A new rich red colour makes this bag very eye catching.



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