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Check out our great range of specially designed hiking tents that can accommodate hikers and all their equipment. Anaconda partners with major brand manufacturers including Denali, Mountain Designs and The North Face to ensure you can purchase your favourite brand of hiking tent. Our tents are built tough for Australian conditions, and you can adapt most tent styles with tarps, awnings and ultralight tent accessories. Hiking tents are lightweight and designed to be set up in moments. They are a smart backpacking tent option and can be conveniently stowed in travel packs, hiking packs or other luggage. Whether you are seasoned at mountaineering, a trekking junkie or simply someone who enjoys quiet times in the Australian wilderness, our single-person and two-person hiking tents will provide full protection from the elements.

Features and Benefits of Hiking Tents

Hiking tents are specifically designed to be lightweight and are easy to set up and dismantle. Some trekking tents are freestanding, while others include heavy-duty guy ropes, tent poles and other tent accessories. Ultralight hiking tents won't weigh you down while on the trail and are the tent style of choice for backpackers and short-stay visitors to Australia.

Hiking tents are constructed from ultralight nylon or Ripstop polyester that can flex and stretch according to the conditions. These materials are waterproof and wind resistant, allowing you to repose comfortably in your hiking tent or swag no matter how bad the weather is outside. Hiking tents are primarily designed for sleeping rather than daytime relaxation, and are designed to lay close to the ground for avoiding high winds. Trekking and hiking tents are in demand at Anaconda, and it's worth checking out impressive offerings from leading brands.

Hiking Tents FAQs

Hiking tent vs camping tent - what is the difference?

The difference between a hiking tent and a camping tent is that hiking tents are more compact and light - designed to be transported on foot. Camping tents are more generously sized and designed to be transported by vehicle.

What else should I consider when buying a hiking tent?

Depending on the time of year of your trip and the likely climate you will find yourself in, check out if your selected hiking tent is suitable for the season in question. Most hiking tents are classed as two, three or four-season tents, while some are described as all-season. You should also consider other sleeping essentials you may need such as a hiking mat and sleeping bag for your tent.

What other uses are there for hiking tents?

Hiking tents can also be very useful if you are looking for some extra space to go alongside your family tent. An extra single-person tent or 2-person tent can double as storage and sleeping space, or a room for older kids to enjoy away time. Hiking tents, swags and 2-person tents are ideal for music festivals and outdoor events, or simply for enjoying a practice camping adventure in the backyard. Thanks to their lightweight structure, they are quickly set up at any time and with their own carry bag, and they are easy to take along to any event.

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Shop the selection of specially designed hiking tents today and if you are looking for a different type of tent browse camping tents, family tents, swags and rooftop tents all available in the Anaconda range. If you are new to camping, hiking or trekking, take the time to explore the full range of Anaconda outdoor camping equipment and hiking apparel. Depending on your camping style and location, you may require sleeping bags, sleeping mats, hydration packs, hiking packs, awnings and tent accessories. Your trekking and camping apparel and accessories are equally important, so consider upgrading the entire experience with hiking boots, rainwear, headlamps, water bottles, locator beacons, and other camping gear designed for safety.

Our convenient online service includes fast checkout, payment options, delivery tracking, free delivery and a comprehensive returns policy. If you are more inclined to glamping rather than camping or trekking, check out our quality camp cooking equipment, sleeping mats, first aid gear, insect protection or even a hammock for putting your feet up instead of striding off on a trek. For more information to help you decide what hiking tents and gear you need, check out the Hiking Essentials Buying Guide and find more great articles on the Adventure Centre such as Australia's Most Exciting Winter Hiking Trails and How To Camp Comfortably And Get A Good Night's Sleep



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