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Telescopic Combos

Telescopic Combos

The great benefit of a telescopic fishing rod is that you will have be able to cram it into small spaces before unleashing it once you have arrived at your fishing destinations. And now, finding an ideal setup for telescopic fishing has been made even more simple, because you can get a handpicked telescopic combo here at Anaconda.

The Shimano telescopic rod and reel outfit has been carefully balanced by the experts at Shimano. It will easily fit in the car or suitcase making this combo perfect for travel or to keep in the back of your car ready to use at short notice.

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Can I buy telescopic combos from Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Here at Anaconda, we have a range of telescopic combos, from great value kits to premium products from world leading brands. These rod and reel outfits provide a fully functional portable fishing kit that is ideal for those wanting to fish further afield. Shop our range of telescopic combos online or in store today, for ready to go fishing equipment at fantastically low prices.

Who would benefit from using a telescopic combo?

While our telescopic combos are ideal for anyone, who wants to focus on the fishing rather than the kit. They are also suitable for the more seasoned angler, as well as beginners and children. Due to their telescopic nature, they are easy to transport and can be carried for long distances without being a nuisance. Our range of combos have unbeatable performance and durability in salt water conditions, and the rods and reels have been matched perfectly to provide optimum balance.

How do I choose a telescopic combo for me?

Well, that ups to you really and the conditions that you intend to be fishing in. There is, however, a few things to consider when choosing your telescopic combo from Anaconda. For example, telescopic rods have two lengths to consider, when the rod is open and when it is closed. Check out the measurements by each product for further information and consider this in relation to your fishing and transporting needs.

Before choosing your rod, check out the speed that it can be opened and closed. A high-quality rod that can be opened quickly is much better for casting long distances. Also, you need to consider your target fish, the bigger the fish means a more powerful set up is needed. A more powerful rod can be heavier, and for someone who is planning a coastal hike and catching lunch on the way, a lighter rod may be more appropriate.

How to care for and maintain my telescopic combo?

To ensure that your kit keeps delivering, you should always rinse off your combo after each use. Use warm soapy water and a soft cloth sponge to remove any residue that may have been left behind by the ocean. You should always rinse fishing tackle after use. However, this is especially important for telescopic combos, as dirt can get into the crevices of the joints which can cause problems in the future. Using a cotton Q Tip clean the inside, outside and the connections of each of your guides and ensure that all of your terminal tackle is in working order. You can use a little bit of silicone lube, such as WD40 or Tackle Guard, on the joints but do not use too much as this can prevent the rod from closing.

What should I do if my telescopic combo becomes jammed?

We all lead busy lives, and sometimes your combo can be a little bit neglected. Dirt and water getting into the joint crevices can result in your telescopic combo becoming jammed, preventing you from either opening or closing the rod. If this happens, try silicon lube to loosen the joints. Many anglers swear by the hot water trick, in which you pour hot water on the loose side of the joint. Then a few seconds, twist the small side of the joint to try and loosen it. This has reportedly had high success rates, but, if there is still an issue, you can tap the butt of the rod onto hard ground. You should never tap the tip of your rod, as this will lead to breakages, and this should only be used as a final resort.

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