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The benefits of using a telescopic fishing rod

A telescopic rod and reel combo retracts into a small unit that can be carried with you in a backpack or daypack wherever you go. These strong fiberglass units are comprised of a telescopic rod, spinning reel, fishing line, and fishing tackle with the best Jarvis Walker products. These telescopic rods are the versatile choice for newcomers to fishing rods and fishing tackle, and can be used for freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing with spinner bait, squid jigs, fishing lures and live bait. 

We have the best telescopic fishing rods available, ideal for carrying in your kayak or boat. Your high density telescopic fishing rod is the travel rod of choice for campers, hikers and backpackers who are ready for serious baitcaster action on their travels. A collapsible telescopic fishing rod and reel combo is a smart financial move, particularly when Anaconda offers a lowest available price guarantee on all stocked products.

What is the best intermediate/advanced telescopic fishing rod?

Along with great introductory deals for new anglers, we also showcase highest quality telescopic fishing rods for professional use. Examples of affordable yet effective Anaconda products include the Kastking Blackhawk ii made from carbon fibre, with floating guides and a comfortable EVA handle. The Anaconda fishing gear collection has something for everyone from name brand manufacturers including Berkley, Sougayilang, Silstar, Abu Garcia, Daiwa, Silstar and a whole lot more. Check out the range online or in-store for more inspiration. 

What other fishing rods and equipment should I consider?

Telescopic fishing rods are ideal travel rods, but there are lots more options available at Anaconda. Our extensive collection includes spinning rods, surf rods, trolling rods, freshwater rods and rod holders. Accessories include fishing tackle boxes, fishing line, fishing lures, life jackets, gaffs, stainless steel guides and much more high quality gear from premium manufacturers. Purchasing is easy at Anaconda online. Simply make a wish list, add products to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout for speedy home delivery. Alternatively, visit any of our Australia-wide network of Anaconda retailers and experience the best telescopic fishing rod and reel combos and other fishing gear at prices regular Australians can afford. 

What are some more benefits of telescopic fishing rods?

In addition to being one of the most versatile fishing rods in existence, the telescopic fishing rod is also one of the most convenient. With a telescopic fishing rod, you can choose the length you will use, this means you can shorten or elongate the rod to meet your requirements.

The ability to shorten your telescopic fishing rod provides benefits for the transport of your fishing rod too. By collapsing your rod, you can easily keep it with other supplies and head over to another fishing spot quickly if required. For fishing competitions or even for your regular fishing activities, this kind of quality is extremely valuable.

Compared to some other fishing rods, the telescopic fishing rod is more prone to damage. However, its portability and convenience certainly make up for that fact. This is the kind of rod that is favoured by campers and angler tourists. So, despite its minor weakness, convenience does seem to be the bigger benefit.

A telescopic fishing rod can be combined with a variety of lures, with one of the most notable being the bomb shackle. The bomb shackle is a relatively large lure, characterised by its ability to add additional hooks. Because of the larger lure, it is more difficult for fish to escape. If your reaction time is often a problem during your fishing journeys, then this kind of lure will undoubtedly benefit you.

Which environments are most suited for a telescopic fishing rod?

As we mentioned in our overview of benefits, the telescopic rod is most suitable for fishing environments such as saltwater and freshwater. That being said, always check the details on the telescopic fishing rod, as some materials can be subject to salt water erosion. To avoid that, always check the characteristics to ensure your rod will hold up well when used in such an environment repeatedly.

The telescopic fishing rods at Anaconda

Anaconda provides an outstanding collection of telescopic fishing rods, which enable you to have a more portable fishing experience. We offer our telescopic fishing rods in various sizes and with variable features, so you are bound to find what you are looking for. So, be sure to benefit from our sharp prices to get your ideal rod.



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