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Every 4WD should carry quality 4WD recovery gear. A natural feature of 4WD adventures is discovering new challenges for your vehicle and a natural consequence is that 4WD vehicles can get soundly stuck in unforgiving terrain at times. There may be times when you are alone, without a second vehicle and winch to pull you out of difficulty, and recovery tracks can become your greatest assistant in a time of need. There is no shame in getting wheels trapped in snow, mud, dust, rocks or sand as it is all part of the learning curve - even for the safest of 4WD enthusiasts. Battling the elements in a 4WD is exhilarating, dangerous and fun, although safety should always be prioritised along with readiness for anything mother nature can throw at you. The value of 4WD recovery gear kits shouldn't be underestimated. The vehicle you drive, your off-road style and the tyres you use should all be considered when purchasing recovery tracks, and Anaconda has all the best 4WD recovery gear all in one place.

What Is A 4WD Recovery Strap Used For?

Every experienced off-roader will carry essential 4WD recovery gear at all times. Incidents and accidents can happen at any time requiring quick thinking and appropriate recovery gear such as a recovery strap used for rescuing trapped vehicles and towing them to safety. Anaconda stocks a selection of snatch straps that are made in Australia and rigorously tested to meet the highest quality standards. Snatch straps stretch slightly and won't snap easily, while also providing additional 'snatching' force with greater ability to pull and rescue stranded vehicles. Snatch straps provide plenty of length for manoeuvring into position for maximum torque.

Their features can include:

  • Incredibly strong nylon-reinforced webbing
  • Reinforced eyes for guaranteed hold
  • Treated for protection against wear and tear
  • Minimum breaking strength of 11,000 kg

What Other 4WD Recovery Gear Should I Consider?

Anaconda partners with established manufacturers of premium recovery gear kits and accessories. We also provide storage solutions for stowing everything safely in position and ready for use. A recovery kit for 4x4 is only useful if it is fully stocked with the right equipment, making the heavy-duty Mean Mother recovery kit storage bag a smart solution. This 4x4 recovery kit will improve safety, enhance the 4WD experience and maximise vehicle versatility. Contents of the Mean Mother 8-Piece Recovery Kit include:

  • 1 x Australian-made 8000 kg snatch strap
  • 1 x 4500 kg winch extension strap
  • 1 x 800 kg snatch block
  • Tree trunk protector
  • Recovery gloves
  • Heavy-duty storage bag

For security while on the road or venturing off-road, every piece of 4WD recovery gear needs to be firmly secured. Anaconda provides solutions for all outdoor, camping and adventure equipment needs, including innovative straps, racks, brackets and containers for keeping valuable possessions in top shape. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Boat Tie-Down Straps: Boating is a great Australian pastime and transporting your kayak to the water is easy using boat tie-down straps. They can come with two 16' cam-buckle straps, two bow/stern tie-downs with bumper guards and two rigid steel s-hooks for all your needs.
  • Tow Hooks: Tow hooks provide the ideal recovery point when rescuing stranded vehicles. Tow hooks feature a spring steel retaining clip that prevents the strap from slipping loose during high-tension towing. For more information, check out our Off-Road Towing Buying Guide.
  • 4WD Multi Shovel: This versatile implement allows you to dig at difficult-to-reach angles and heights. Many feature up to five different configurations to suit most recovery situations, allowing you to easily shift, sand, dirt, mud or almost anything else.
  • High Lift Jack: If you enjoy heading to the sand dunes in your 4WD, then consider getting a high lift jack base as they are tailor-made for recovery in the sand. Convenient to use and easy to store, they are a must-have basic for a quick tyre change while tackling the trails.

Recovery Gear FAQs

How to use 4WD recovery gear?

There are many ways to use 4WD recovery gear, but there are some important factors to consider when using them. For example, for safety, always make sure that you are using the right type of 4WD recovery gear for the right job that you need. Always remember to keep all of your equipment clean, use the correct shackles, never use a tow strap for kinetic recoveries and don't ever use damaged equipment. For more information, check out our 4WD Recovery Guide.

What are some good 4WD recovery techniques?

To make sure that you are using your 4WD recovery gear correctly and safely, here are some main recovery techniques to remember:

  • When bogged, remember to always stop and don't keep flawing the peddle, otherwise you will stay bogged. Try slowly backing up first, and if you still can't get out, then it's time to lay down some recovery tracks. To help you make the right choice, check out our 4WD Recovery Tracks Buying Guide.
  • If you happen to not have any recovery boards on you, then a simple way to give your tyres some grip is to slide something solid, like a rock or piece of wood, underneath the wheel for traction.
  • If you find yourself bogged down on terrain such as sand, then lowering your tyre pressure with a compressor can help give you increased traction. Then once you are out of the bog, remember to increase the tyre pressure back up to normal.

What is the best recovery point on a car?

The tow bar (also known as a tow ball or tow hitch receiver) is the best, safest and strongest recovery point of your vehicle. Because it is securely tied to the frame of the car, its tow rating is only limited by the suspension, weight and horsepower of the vehicle, making it incredibly strong for 4WD recovery.

Do you need 2 recovery points?

You don't need to have two recovery points - but two is better than one. You can get by with just one recovery point, but it is highly recommended to have two recovery points. This is because having two recovery points on your vehicle will halve the load on each point, reducing the chance of your chassis bending.

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