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Anaconda's Roof Rack Buying Guide

Is this the first time you are buying a roof rack, and do you have no idea about the things you should be looking out for? No need to worry, because Anaconda is always ready to provide you with the necessary advice. Simply read our roof rack buying guide below to make your purchase a successful one.

How Heavy Should A Roof Rack Be?

When you think about buying a roof rack, you may believe that the heaviest options are also the strongest. This is not always the case, because it all comes down to the construction of the roof rack and how weight is distributed upon it. Therefore, the heaviest metal roof racks are not always the best choice.

If you are looking for the perfect combination of strength and durability, it can be a good idea to check out some of the aluminium roof racks. Even though they are lighter than metal, they usually have a higher loading capacity.

Fixed Roof Racks Versus Modular Roof Racks

Anyone who is not that experienced with roof racks may want to buy a fixed version, this because the installation of the fixed roof rack can appear more straightforward. That being said, there are some benefits connected to the modular roof rack too, as this allows more freedom where setup is concerned.

If you regularly need to transport things on the roof of your car, and if those things tend to vary in size and weight, a modular roof rack may be the better option for you. With a modular option, you can change the rack depending on your requirements. Subsequently, this leads to safer and more convenient transport.

Should I Get Accessories For A New Roof Rack?

Roof racks can be purchased as standalone items, which means they will not contain any additional accessories. Of course, you also have so-called kits, which will include roof racks as well as a set of accessories that can make your installation and transport easier.

As you may know already, a roof rack needs to be suitable for a variety of items. From the transport of your favourite canoe to a set of bikes, one rack needs to be able to carry all these items effectively. Of course, some items vary in height, weight, and width, which means you will require accessories for safe fastening at one point or another.

Before you purchase a roof rack, ask yourself if there are any accessories you absolutely need. For example, if you need some additional fasteners for your surfboard, check the catalogue for kits that include such extra accessories.

Are Roof Racks Weather Resistant?

Most roof racks being sold today will have weather resistance in one form or another. That being said, some can be more durable than others, so dedicated weather resistance is certainly something to look out for.

Branded roof racks such as those from Prorack have a proven track record in all kinds of weather conditions. When in doubt about the roof rack most suitable for your needs, always go for a respected brand who delivers products that meet weather resistance standards.

Will A Roof Rack Make Me Use Fuel?

Whenever you add more weight to your car, it will impact the fuel consumption of your vehicle. However, certain roof racks are considered as more economical, this is the case for so-called low-profile roof racks. On the opposite side of the spectrum basket-shaped roof racks tend to be the most expensive where fuel consumption is concerned.

Plastic Versus No Plastic

Plastic can reduce the weight of your roof rack considerably, so it can be an option if you are looking for the lightest weight possible. That being said, customers should always remember that plastic has a higher chance of failing compared to metal. If a roof rack contains both metal and plastic, the plastic parts of your roof rack could show signs of wear and tear very quickly. So, if you do not mind the extra weight and a better lifespan, full-metal roof racks tend to be the best option. Of course, choosing a roof rack should always align with your requirements. So, if you prefer lighter, go with the plastic but check regularly for signs of wear and tear.



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