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Portable camping toilets are the hygienic way to camp, and without compromising on convenient home comforts! Shop Anaconda's portable camping toilets today!

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Address Nature's Calls In Comfort With Camping Toilets From Anaconda

So, you've crossed off just about everything on your list of camping equipment - including tents, sleeping bags, camp cooking needs and camp furniture - but what do you do when nature calls in the wilderness? At Anaconda you can find a great range of practical, portable camping toilets that ensure that you don't have to compromise on comfortable mod cons while you explore the great outdoors. We have everything from basic bucket toilets and folding camping toilet seats to luxurious options complete with in-built water tanks and battery-operated flushing functions. Whether you're camping or glamping, Anaconda's portable camping toilets have you covered for when nature calls!

Why Do I Need A Camping Toilet - Surely Every Campsite Has Facilities?

While the most organised campsites will have facilities that you can use, it's still important to consider a few things in advance, such as:

  • Where on the campsite the facilities are located. If the facilities are some distance away from where you are pitching your tent, are they close enough for night-time use? Can the kids use them alone or will they need adults to take them there?
  • What condition the facilities are in. Unless you have used a particular campsite before, can you be sure that the facilities are of a standard that you are happy to use?
  • Whether there will be queues. At some peak times of the year, when many people are camping, there can be lengthy queues to use the toilets and shower facilities, and privacy can be less than optimal too.

Of course, if you are heading right off the beaten track and not camping in a location with dedicated facilities, a camping toilet is an essential piece of equipment for keeping every camper feeling comfortable and maintaining proper hygiene.

Camping Toilets FAQs

What are the best portable toilets for camping?

When it comes to finding the camping toilet for your trip, it's important to consider if you'll need one more as an extra option to use in conjunction with existing campsite facilities, or if you're heading out bush with no modern amenities available. In the latter instance, look for portable toilets with more deluxe features like the Porta Potti, which have their own fresh water tank for flushing and a waste tank with a generous capacity. Anaconda's guide to choosing the best portable toilet and camp shower has some great insights into finding the right option for you and your family.

How do camping toilets work?

Most camping toilets have two tanks - one for clean water, and the other to hold waste. They're used in conjunction with special chemicals that help everything stay hygienic by accelerating the decomposition of waste and as well as preventing unpleasant odours.

What accessories do I need for my camping toilet?

At Anaconda we also have a range of specialised toilet chemicals & accessories that help provide more effective flushing alongside pleasant scents to keep everything smelling fresh. You can also find cleaning chemicals for the tank and quick-dissolve toilet paper to eliminate the risk of nasty blockages.

Shop Camping Toilets & Camping Showers Online With Anaconda

Portable camping toilets are the best way to ensure that comfort is your number one (and number two!) priority while camping. For the best in camping mod cons, make sure you also check out Anaconda's range of camping showers that will ensure everyone stays clean and fresh. You can discover the whole range of camping toilets & showers in-store where our friendly team can help you find everything you need for your next camping adventure. You can also make your purchases online where you have the convenient options of home delivery or free 2-hour click & collect for your order. Make sure you also check out our Adventure Centre Camping & Hiking articles for information and inspiration for your next trip!



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