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Hiking Shoes For Men - Essential Information You Need To Know!

When you love to go hiking, you should always have a pair of hiking boots, but also a pair of hiking shoes. If you are not yet familiar with hiking shoes for men and their benefits, or if you want to find out more about it, please read the information provided below.

When Should I Choose Hiking Shoes Over Hiking Boots?

There are many reasons why you should choose the hiking shoe over the hiking boot. Firstly, hiking shoes are more suitable for lighter walks, especially on well-kept paths. Hiking shoes are also more suitable for hiking in warmer weather, as these shoes are more breathable than heavier hiking boots.

When Should I Choose Hiking Boots Over Hiking Shoes?

When you are heading for a hike in rougher environments, you will need boots to protect your feet fully against abrasions that may occur in these environments. You should also choose hiking boots if you tend to hike with a heavy backpack, as hiking boots will provide you with extra support for the ankle.

What Materials Are Used For Hiking Shoes?

Much like hiking boots, they can be made with various materials. For most hiking shoes, the manufacturer will use a synthetic material, this because hiking shoes are more commonly used in warmer weather conditions. Contrary to leather, synthetic materials are much more breathable and therefore feel more comfortable in warmer weather.

Please note that you can still obtain walking shoes in leather. If you regularly walk in wetter environments, but not really on rougher terrain, then you could consider some leather hiking shoes instead.

Are Hiking Shoes Waterproof?

As mentioned earlier, leather hiking shoes have a natural water resistance. However, this does not mean that the synthetic versions cannot be waterproof. In fact, some manufacturers add a waterproof liner to hiking shoes.

One liner that is regularly used in hiking shoes these days is the so-called Gore-Tex liner. The liner provides brilliant breathability, but still adds the waterproof quality many hikers are looking for in decent hiking shoes.

Please note that despite the waterproof liner and the use of waterproof materials does not mean you cannot be susceptible to water when you are wearing hiking shoes. Hiking shoes are considerably lower than hiking boots, so water could still enter your shoe over the back of the heel.

Do Hiking Shoes Still Provide The Support I Need?

Hiking shoes certainly provide ample support. Of course, to ensure you get the support you need, always make sure you check the midsole of your hiking shoe.

The midsole should always have a combination of flexibility and shock absorption. While there can be additional cushioning and flexibility throughout the design of the shoe, torsional and longitudinal flexing abilities are most important.

Is There A Difference Between The Outsole Of Hiking Shoes And Hiking Boots?

While both types of hiking footwear come with a dedicated thread pattern, the threads present on hiking shoes tend to be somewhat thinner than those on hiking boots. However, this does not mean that they are less effective. They still provide enough traction in variable weather conditions.

Do I Have To Break In Hiking Shoes?

Just like hiking boots, you must break in your hiking shoes. However, hiking shoes can be a lot faster to break in. The speed in which you can break in your hiking shoes does depend on the material your hiking shoes are made of. For example, hiking shoes made from synthetic materials are easier and faster to break in than hiking shoes made from leather.

Choosing Men's Hiking Shoes From Anaconda

Anaconda has a large range of hiking shoes available. Our hiking shoes are available in variety of materials, this goes from leather to synthetics. Our hiking shoes also have additional features such as waterproof lining, breathable mesh, and loads more.

To get a full overview of our range of hiking shoes, please check out the range of men's hiking shoes today. We also provide a range of hiking shoes for women and children, so if you need hiking shoes for the entire family, you can count on the other hiking shoe categories available at Anaconda.



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