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Shop Quality Snow Clothing For Your Alpine Adventure At Anaconda

Anaconda has a great range of snow clothes available for men, women and kids of all ages. We have created a huge range of snow clothing and accessories for you to choose from, which includes high-quality basics as well as well-known top brands, all at the best prices. So whether you are tackling the slopes or going for a walk in the park, you will be able to find the ideal snow outfit to keep you warm and comfortable, while keeping the freedom of movement you require for all your chosen activities.

Snow Clothes For Staying Warm On the Slopes

Our range of snow clothing includes everything you might need for snowy or icy conditions, from thermals to snow pants and waterproof jackets, as well as full snowsuits, scarves, gloves, goggles, socks, hats and a full range of snow boots too. Choose from snow attire, footwear and accessories for men, women and children of all ages, ranging from great value basics to top brands at keen prices.

If you are going to be outside in areas with snow and ice, you need to make sure your body as well as your head, hands and feet are suitably protected from the cold temperatures. But if you are planning on any type of activity, from a relaxing walk through town right up to hurtling down the slopes, you will inevitably get warm. For this reason, many people prefer to build up their snow outfits in layers. That way, you can add or shed a layer as required. Other benefits of snow clothing such as thermal wear next to the skin are that they can help you to maintain a comfortable core temperature because the fabric wicks away sweat from the skin and allows air to circulate where needed. Top this with a middle layer such as a jumper and a top layer like a jacket or vest, and you will be covered, no matter what activity you are doing in the snow.

Snow Clothing FAQs

What to wear in the snow?

Snow is cold and wet, which means you will need the right type of snow clothing to make sure you are not only fully protected but also dry and comfortable all throughout the day. This means wearing quality snow pants, snow jackets, pullovers, puffer jackets, snow boots and much more. For a full breakdown, check out our helpful Snow Clothing Buying Guide.

What to wear under snow clothes?

Having a good base layer and a middle layer is crucial when planning what to wear underneath your snow gear. Your base layer should consist of materials that will keep you warm and dry, such as thermal clothing. Then, your middle layer should keep all that warmth in without letting it escape, such as fleece tops. Our Base Layers Buying Guide will break down all the steps when it comes to what to wear under your snow clothes.

Do you need snow pants for the snow?

The short and sweet answer is yes, you will need to wear snow pants when going out into the snow. This is because casual street clothes simply do not offer and provide the same level of protection from the harsh elements as proper snow clothing does. Snow is wet and will quickly seep through to your base layer if you aren't wearing waterproof snow clothing such as snow pants.

Can I wear a puffer as a ski jacket?

The short answer is yes - but it depends. If you are walking around town in the snow, then a puffer jacket is perfect for completing your snow outfit. However, for example, if you are planning to hit the slopes for a bit of snowboarding or skiing, then a puffer jacket isn't the best choice as it won't offer the same level of protection and warmth as a ski jacket would.

Shop The Entire Range Of Snow Clothes At Anaconda

For quality snow outfits and clothing, look no further than Anaconda. We are your one-stop outdoor, adventure & sporting retailer with an Australia-wide network of stores, plus you can shop online wherever you are. Since 2004, we have been Australia's in-demand outdoor specialists. As Australia's largest camping, hiking and outdoors specialist, Anaconda has market reach to establish partnerships with leading brands, ultimately passing the savings on to you. Our everyday prices are unbeatable, and our weekly specials slash prices dramatically, so check out the Anaconda range of apparel and equipment, and get ready to become inspired.

Shop our entire range of snow clothes online or visit us in-store today, including our entire range of men's snow clothing, women's snow clothing and kid's snow clothes. For more information, check out our helpful Hidden Features Of Your Snow Gear Guide and our 4 Tips For Snow Newbies to make sure you're completely covered.



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