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Make sure your bike is right where you left it with a high quality, heavy duty bike lock at Anaconda. Complete your bike accessories collection at Anaconda!

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Can I purchase bike locks at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. If you have to leave your bike at a station, at work, or even outside at your home, you will get peace of mind with the extra security of a bike lock. Choose from a large range of different locks including numeric code locks as well as keys in a variety of styles to suit your bike and circumstances.

Which type of bike lock is best for me?

Bike locks come in a variety of different styles. Here we look at three of the most common bike locks and give some more detail on how they work.

U-Locks: This is a widely used bike lock style, named for the U-shape of the locking mechanism, and it is an excellent deterrent to bike thieves. The bulky locking mechanism can resist hammers, chisels and similar tools. It is important to make sure the U-lock is not too large - that way the amount of space in which a thief can put a crowbar to try and break the U-lock apart will be too small to get enough leverage. U-locks come in various sizes. Small to medium models lock one wheel and your frame to a fixed object. Large models lock both wheels and your frame to a fixed object.

Cable Locks: These locks are versatile and can be used in many situations but on the whole offer less of a deterrent than U-locks. Bolt cutters can cut through most cable locks. On their own, they may deter an opportunist thief, but they are often used in combination with a U-lock to secure easily removed parts such as seats. Many have integral combination or key locks - others require a separate padlock.

Chain Locks: These bike locks use a specially designed chain link that can resist hacksaws or chisels and makes the chain a good deterrent against bike thieves. Make sure you invest in a padlock that is just as sturdy, because thieves can easily cut through thin locks, no matter how sturdy the chain. The downside of chain locks is that they are heavy and bulky, so they are best for stationary use, such as at home where you can leave the chain bolted onto a gate while you take the bike away to school, work or shopping, or if you have a regular bike storage location.

What else is included in the range?

Also included in the range are chainstay protectors. The chainstay is the part of your bike that extends from the centre of the back wheel to the pedal. Chainstay protectors protect a bike's chainstay (and its paint) from being hit by the bike's chains in order to keep the chainstay and its paint from getting scratched and chipped. Lizard skin or nylon chainstay protectors are usually fastened with Velcro, while plastic chainstay protectors are often clipped on with plastic ties.

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