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Can I buy swivel snaps from Anaconda?

Yes, you can. We have a wide range of swivel snaps available, ideal for meeting your angling needs. Providing better lure action than a rigid knot, we have swivel snaps for both freshwater and sea fishing. Shop online or in store today for premium quality swivel snaps available now at Anaconda's fabulously low prices.

What are swivel snaps?

Swivel snaps are small metal devices that are primarily used to connect terminal tackle to your main fishing line. They also help to prevent the fishing line from tangling when you are retrieving a fish. They consist of two, or three, metal eyelets that are joined together, enabling you to attach your lures, leaders and other rigs to the line.

Why should I use a swivel or a snap?

All good fishing rig will incorporate a swivel or snap, and they are an important part of most angler's kit. Swivels provide an axis point, allowing your tackle to spin while keeping the main line still. This reduces the amount of twist, with increased line twist making your job more difficult and even potentially stressing the line to breaking point.

What type of swivel or snap should I buy?

Barrel Swivels: Barrel swivels are comprised of a brass barrel and has formed heads and two eyes. There are a wide range of sizes available and are a staple of most angler's kit.

Rolling Swivels: With its cylindrical central section, a rolling swivel is strong and smooth. They have a rounded central section and offer maximum performance for all your shore fishing, and some boat fishing needs.

3 way swivels: One of the most popular types of swivel, these usually come with a barrel swivel design but include an extra eyelet. This allows you to add a third line to your rig, which opens up the possibilities of more terminal tackle and attracting more fish.

Hawaii Snap: The Hawaii snap is a loop shaped split ring that is strong and acts well under pressure. These heavy duty snaps allow for fast lure changes and can be used when fishing for a whole range of different species.

Lure Snap: This is a basic snap which will allow you to attach more lures to your line, helping you to get that illusive catch of the day.

What else should I consider when choosing a swivel or a snap?

Most serious anglers will have a range of swivels and snaps in their kit, with their use depending on the conditions and the target catch. Consider the size in relation to your target catch, with larger heavier swivels being used for those monster fish. Additionally, any swivel used in a rig should also have a breaking strain which is at least the same as the leader line.

How should I care for and maintain my swivels and snaps?

Caring for your tackle is very important as any rust can seriously damage their performance. Be sure to rinse your swivels thoroughly with water after each use to remove any residue or particles left on them. Check that your swivels still rotate freely, this is particularly important after a battle with a large fighting fish. Also, make sure that your gear is always properly dried before returning it to your box.



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