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Terminal Tackle

Terminal Tackle

Looking for tackle? Boy, we got a whole lot of them at Anaconda!

Shop our fantastic fishing tackle range of floats, hooks, lights bells, rigs and so much more, all well suited for your next fishing trip, take your pick!

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What is terminal tackle?

Terminal tackle is a term used for any fishing tackle used on the end of the fishing rod that you aren’t holding. This includes hooks, floats, sinkers, swivels, and beads among many others.

What can I find in Anaconda’s Terminal Tackle section?

Here at Anaconda, we have a huge selection of terminal tackle and accessories that make using different kinds of terminal tackle much easier. If you’re looking for lures, jigs, spinners, soft plastics and lure accessories, check out our Fishing Lures section.

In Anaconda’s Terminal Tackle section you’ll find a variety of hooks, sinkers, swivels, snaps, light sticks, bells, and pre-made rigs. We also have complete terminal tackle kits that come complete with its own hard plastic box and hundreds of essential pieces of tackle. You’ll also find accessories like hook holders, live bait balloons, float stoppers, beads, tackle tubes and even headlamps that allow you to better see your terminal tackle while you’re rigging it.

How do I choose the right terminal tackle?

If you plan on catching specific types of fish and you don’t know where to start, you can purchase pre-made terminal tackle kits and packs. Anaconda sells terminal tackle kits that contain sets of hooks, floats, swivels and sinkers that have been specially selected to help you more effectively catch a specific type of fish such as trout, flathead, bream, whiting or garfish.

Anaconda also sells pre-made terminal tackle rigs that already have the hook, sinker and swivel all set up and ready to catch specific types of fish such as snapper, salmon, flathead, trout, garfish and many more.

Fish Hooks

Anaconda also a large assortment of hooks ranging from circle hooks, jig hooks, octopus hooks, baitholder hooks, saltwater hooks to long shank hooks, and much more so you can customize your rig for different types of fish.


We also sell barrel swivels, ball bearing swivels, 3-way swivels and snap swivels. Barrel swivels are the most common, but if you’re looking to put a lot of pressure on your rig, ball bearing swivels are the way to go. Ball bearing swivels can turn easier and much quieter even under heavy loads. A 3-way swivel allows you to connect your lines, hooks and sinkers at different points and different positions. A snap swivel adds the ability to quickly connect and disconnect different rigs to your main line.


If you’re looking for sinkers Anaconda offers a wide selection ranging from bean sinkers, ball sinkers, barrel sinkers, snapper sinkers, split shot sinkers to star sinkers. You can change the type of sinker you’re using depending on the type of bottom you’re fishing, the current of the water and the type of lure you’ll be using.


Float selection is typically based on the prevailing water and weather conditions, as well as the weight of your rig and bait. Wider floats and bobbers will be more stable and are able to carry heavier bait. Thinner floats are easier to move around and better for detecting when light biting fish are taking your bait. Here at Anaconda, we offer floats in different shapes and sizes ranging from ball floats, cigar floats to pencil floats.

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