Crocs remains a world leader in casual footwear. Whether you are a fan of the classic clog, or modern designs such as Swiftwater sandals, Crocband styles, flip flops, pacers, thongs or rainboots, Crocs have your feet covered. The focus is on comfort and foot support, while the famous vented design provides breathability. Special classic clog Croc features include fully moulded croslite material, odour resistance and water-friendly wearing. Crocs men's footwear, women's footwear and Crocs kid's footwear are in vogue, with a huge range of thongs, clogs, sandals, rain boots, puff boots all available at Anaconda.

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Crocs remains a world leader in casual footwear. Whether you are a fan of the classic clog or modern designs such as Crocs sandals, Crocs have your feet covered. The focus is on comfort and foot support, while the famous vented design provides breathability. Our range of men's Crocs, women's Crocs and kid's Crocs feature a signature style that is perfect for standing out this summer!






Crocs thongs, gumboots, loafers and sandals are comfortable, functional, durable, waterproof and provide adequate protection for your feet - while ensuring you look cool. Crocs have evolved over the years, and although traditional styles remain popular, the new breed is taking over. Improving on an already successful product isn't easy, but Crocs footwear has managed the feat admirably, with lots of great styles to choose from.


Our Crocs have a unique style all of their own, and you are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd! On the other hand, newer Croc styles are on-trend, such as Croc loafers designed for maximum comfort, and Croc pacers with stylish profiles and great breathability. Options include twist sandal strap Crocs and unisex designs for a modern look. Today's Crocs cover all bases, from the practical to the fashionable, and the classic clog style is also here to stay!






A browse through the men's sandals and thongs selection at Anaconda shows just how far this well-known company has come. Fashion and style is continually evolving, and the Crocs men's collection covers a wide range of footwear for various purposes. Naturally, Crocs comfort and breathability remain a major brand focus.


  • Men's Crocs Loafer: Crocs are noticed everywhere these days, so it's no surprise the Santa Cruz loafers are catching on. These comfy shoes boast a Croslite sole for hard-wearing protection and a breathable canvas upper for lightweight comfort. If easy slip-on slip-off shoes are your thing, Crocs Santa Cruz, with elastic goring, massage nubs and Croslite midsole, in cool tones of cream and green, will feel just right.
  • Men's Crocs Sandals: Crocs are already known for their indestructible, form-fitting style, making the transition to Swiftwater sandals an easy one. Crocs sandals have a mesh upper that holds feet firmly, yet breathes, and provides 360-degree foot protection in and out of the water, drying fast for optimum comfort.
  • Men's Crocs Thongs: Australians don't need to be reminded about the value of a decent pair of thongs. If you are struggling to find genuine long-lasting thongs and flip flops, you will be glad you found Anaconda. Crocs thongs are a cut above the rest, and the Anaconda selection offers a great range of styles!






Apart from our range of women's sandals and thongs, our women's Crocs choices include Women's Swiftwater sandals, classic clogs, Crocs Crocband shoes, flip flops and a whole lot more. Our women's Crocs are well-known for their special features and are available in wide-ranging colours including, volt green, pearl white, light grey, paradise pink, black/white and more.

  • Women's Crocs Sandals: The Women's footwear collection includes shoes that are comfortable, practical and safe, and women's Swiftwater sandals are a classic example. These Crocs sandals allow your feet to breathe while you enjoy the day out. Crocs croslite material, seamless manufacturing, and protective qualities make Croc sandals and thongs a timeless and classic style.
  • Women's Crocs Thongs: The croslite outersole of our women's Crocs thongs provides long-lasting protection, while comfort is assured with the microfibre footbed lining and soft leather straps. Women's footwear options at Anaconda are just one reason for our popularity, and with lots of women's, men's and kid's Crocs thongs available, we have what you are looking for.






With Croc footwear, kids get the same high-quality treatment. Waterproof croslite material ensures your kids will outgrow their Crocs. In addition, Kids Crocs are available in fabulous colours for high visibility and classic Croc style. Whether your kids want day-glo shades of volt green or paradise pink, or subtle tones and shades of blue and grey, kid's Crocs will satisfy everyone. Explore our entire range of kid's sandals and thongs today!


  • Kids Crocs Gumboots: These Kids Crocs Gumboots are lightweight, waterproof, form-fitting, comfortable and trendy! The large side handles provide easy on-off, while the soft flexible material makes these boots suitable for all-day use. The stylish Crocs logo catches the eye, while waterproof croslite catches the rain, allowing your kid's feet to remain dry!






Anaconda stocks traditional and modern Croc styles for every type of person. Crocs last a lifetime and sport a unique style that will never go out of style. The Anaconda range of Crocs men's, kid's and women's footwear can't be beat, so visit us online or in-store to discover what Crocs are all about. Make sure you check out our entire fishing range and the camping and hiking section on our Adventure HQ to discover lots of exciting outdoor destinations, tips, tricks and more.

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