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Explore our amazing range of fishing, crab nets and more, essential tools for any angler or seafood lover! Our fishing nets are designed for versatility, perfect for catching a variety of fish with ease. Lightweight yet durable, they ensure a successful haul every time. Our crab nets, specifically designed for crabbing, feature sturdy construction and optimal mesh size to capture crabs effectively. These nets simplify the process, making your fishing trips more productive and enjoyable. Whether you're fishing in freshwater or saltwater, our high-quality fishing nets are indispensable for a rewarding experience. Browse through our range now and elevate your fishing and crabbing adventures with our reliable, efficient nets!

Upgrade your fishing gear with Anaconda's top-quality range of netting, gaffs, pots and bait pumps! Our selection of fishing nets, including prawn and crab nets, is perfect for every angler. Catch prawns effortlessly with our durable prawn nets and secure those elusive crabs with our sturdy crab nets. For versatility, our pyramid nets and bait nets are designed to maximise your catch with ease. Enhance your experience with our reliable gaffs, perfect for landing bigger fish, and durable pots for crabbing. Don't forget our efficient bait pumps, essential for gathering fresh bait quickly. Visit Anaconda today and gear up with the best netting and accessories for a successful and enjoyable fishing adventure! Shop our entire range of fishing nets including prawn nets, pyramid nets, crab nets, bait nets and more at Anaconda online or in-store today!

Fishing Net & Crab Net FAQs

How To Cast A Net?

To cast a net, coil the handline and hold the net's horn. Grasp the lead line midway with your throwing hand, then drape sections over each arm. Use a circular, spinning motion to throw the net, ensuring it spreads fully on the water. Allow it to sink, trapping fish beneath. Slowly pull the handline to close the net and retrieve your catch. Practice for a smooth, even spread every time.

How To Set Up A Crab Net?

To set up a crab net, start by attaching a bait pouch or tying bait securely in the centre. Ensure the net is flat and untangled. Attach a buoy and a sufficient length of rope to the top of the net. Lower the net into the water, letting it sink to the bottom. Keep the rope slack, allowing the net to rest fully open. Check the net periodically, and slowly pull it up to see if you've caught any crabs.

How To Tie A Crab Net?

Tying a crab net is straightforward. Begin by folding the net into a cone shape, ensuring the opening is wide enough for crabs to enter. Secure the folds with zip ties or rope at regular intervals along the edges. Attach a buoy to the top of the net with a sturdy rope, ensuring it's long enough to reach the bottom where you plan to set the net. Double-check all knots and connections before lowering it into the water for crabbing.

What are Fishing Nets Good For?

Fishing nets are essential tools for anglers, used to efficiently catch fish of various sizes. They simplify the process of landing fish, especially when dealing with schools or larger specimens that are difficult to handle manually. Fishing nets minimise stress on the fish, aiding in their safe release if necessary. They also enhance efficiency by reducing the time spent retrieving catches and minimising the risk of losing fish at the water's edge. Overall, fishing nets contribute significantly to a successful and sustainable fishing experience.

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