Netting, Gaffs, Pots & Bait Pumps

The Anaconda range of crab pots and bait nets includes bait traps, landing nets, prawn nets, entry crab pots, fishnets and drop nets. We provide leading equipment from brands such as Surecatch, Jarvis Walker, Terminal Tackle, Shimano, Platypus and other fishing industry specialists. Shop online or in-store today!

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What fishing equipment is available at Anaconda?

Aerator Pumps

Our range of aerator pumps is essential for any angler or fishing enthusiast. Aerators are used for keeping your catch or delicate bait alive and fresh, such as greenbacks and shads. Shop our range today and make sure your bait or catch stays fresh during your next fishing trip.

Cast Nets

With our vast range of quality cast nets, you can select from various cast nets and fishnets in a wide range of mesh sizes, with a radius from 7 - 12 ft. Mesh size is an important factor to consider for ensuring your prawns, fish and live bait don't escape during your fishing adventure.

Crab Pots, Traps & Nets

When trying to catch shellfish, cephalopods, crabs, crustaceans and fish, our huge range of crab pots, traps and bait nets has all your needs covered. You'll find large and small crab traps, rectangular crab pots, yabbie pots, bait holders and much more. Make sure you have everything you need by browsing our entire range today.

Landing Nets & Fishing Gaffs

Catching the right type of fish all comes down to having the right type of fishing gear and equipment. Our great range of landing nets and fishing gaffs will ensure that you'll always have the right gear to make the most of your fishing adventure

Bait Pumps & Netting Accessories

You will find everything you need to ensure a successful fishing trip with our huge range of bait pumps and netting accessories. Whether hunting crabs, fish or catching your own live bait, we have a huge selection of ropes, floats, bait clips, bait pumps and more from leading brands including Wilson, SureCatch, Alvey and many more.

What Other Fishing Gear Can I Find at Anaconda?

  • Fishing: if you are just getting into fishing or are an experienced angler, our massive fishing range will have everything you'll need, from jigs and hooks to fishing rods, tackle boxes and so much more.
  • Marine: our comprehensive marine range features everything from boat covers, electric motors and safety kits to fishfinders, biminis, cooler boxes, starboard lights and more.
  • Fishing clothing: when you're out in the sun all day fishing, you need the right clothing to ensure you're protected. Our huge range of breathable fishing clothing will protect you from the sun while ensuring you stay comfortable and looking good.
  • Fishing rods: featuring bait caster rods, spin rods, telescopic rods, surf rods, tube cases and loads more, our huge range of quality fishing rods will make sure you're fully equipped on your next fishing trip.

Find the Right Bait Pumps, Traps, Netting, Gaffs & Pots at Anaconda

The Anaconda crabbing and fishing equipment selection is vast. Our heavy-duty, long-lasting fishing tackle, crab pots, nets and baits include gaffs, rod holders, baitholders, mud crab nets, crab bait, jig heads, fishing lures, bait buckets and all other essential fishing gear, depending on your style. If you need help catching the right type of fish, check out our helpful guide on how to choose the right lure.

Shop our entire range of bait pumps, netting, traps, gaffs and crab pots online or visit us in-store today.



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