Murray Cod Tips & Tricks

by Dean Norbiato

Murray Cod Tips & Tricks

'Aaron Hill with his PB Murray cod caught on a surface lure at Copeton dam'

When it comes to freshwater fishing there is no bigger target than its apex predator, the mighty Murray cod. Bathed in indigenous folklore, they are capable of growing in excess of 100 lbs and over 1.5m in length.

Each year, countless fishos are bitten by the bug, which sees them destined for a lifetime of Murray cod addiction, with no known cure. Its worst symptom, one that haunts your dreams, is you insatiably hanker for your next big hit.

So, for those looking to score that Murray cod hit of a lifetime, roll up your sleeves and don't forget to and consult these four life-saving cod tips and tricks.



'Big baits like the Jackall range of Swimbaits are great for targeting monster Murray cod'

Big cod don't come easily. Sure some anglers get lucky and strike a big cod early in their career, but it's more likely than not they won't get another one for a while. To consistently catch big cod you need to first consistently catch cod.

Read articles, talk to people in the know and be observant of pictures in magazines and social media. It's also worth looking past the fish and angler - look for clues in the background like landforms or gear/lures lying on the boat deck. It's amazing how much information can be gleaned from a single picture.

Don't forget, you can always chew the ear of your local Anaconda fishing expert, who will be up to speed with what's biting at the local cod spots near them.



'Soft plastics are a great bait to use on hard fished Murray cod fisheries'

As in any sport, confidence is a massive key. You have to be confident in your spot, your gear, your lures and your technique. Any doubt in your game will affect your concentration and ultimately negatively impact your cod catch rate.

We've all had those moments when you miss a good strike through a lapse in concentration, whilst thinking 'am I in the right spot' or 'maybe I should switch lures'. To quote Dave 'The Barefoot Fisherman' Hodge - fish every cast like there is a 100 pounder following your lure!

You can't concentrate or be more confident than that.



'Match the hatch. Swimbaits are the perfect lure to imitate a trout in mixed waterways'

Think BIG. With a mouth that opens wider than a microwave door, it's no wonder that large cod love eating large lures. Lures like the 200mm Jackall Lures Gigantarel swimbait or the 180mm Zerek Stalker surface lure.

Over the last few years lure presentations have been getting bigger and bigger - 8 inch, 10 inch and even 14 inch swimbaits, wakebaits, paddlers, spinnerbaits, soft plastics, hardbodies and chatterbaits are now a staple lure for any serious cod angler.

Where it'll stop I'm not sure, but I have a feeling our ability to cast such massive lures will limit us long before the size of lure that will fit in a big cods gob does.



'Practice makes perfect. There is no substitute for 'on water' experience.'

Limit them!

Literally, the less decisions you have to make the more focused you'll be and the more time you'll spend with a lure in the water. Limit the outside noise, have a game plan and stick to it like Homer Simpson to a buffet.

If you doubt yourself or have lost your 'cod confidence' then it's time to strip everything back. If your goal is a metre cod, pick your spot, choose one outfit, limit yourself to a small selection of confidence lures and fish hard.

For me, when I'm in a cod catching trough I'll sometimes only take two surface and two sub-surface options out onto the water. I know it sounds odd, but it allows me to sharpen my focus and stick to the task at hand. Sometimes giving yourself too many options is limiting your ability to target that cod of a lifetime.

Fishing Gear

'With mouths as big as a bucket always use 50lb plus sized leader incase they scoff it right down.'

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