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Discover The Best Recovery Shackles At Anaconda

Designed to suit a range of hitch towbar systems, our fantastic range of recovery shackles at Anaconda is exactly what you need when you find yourself bogged down and need to get out in a hurry. Featuring a huge range of shackles from world-renown brands such as Waterline, Mean Mother and Tred, our shackles are made from high-quality materials, such as heavy-duty high-strength steel, and are guaranteed to be incredibly strong and durable when you need them the most. With a mixture of both soft shackles and hard shackles, no matter what your recovery situation is, you will find the exact type of 4x4 shackle you need in our incredible range of recovery shackles at Anaconda.

Soft Shackles Vs Hard Shackles What is the Difference?

When it comes to 4WD recovery, there is a hot debate regarding soft shackles vs hard shackles. Is one actually better than the other? Or do they both work just as well as each other? Are there only certain situations that require a particular type of recovery shackle? Here we will explain a full breakdown of the age-old debate of soft shackles vs hard shackles.

Discover More About Soft Shackles

In regards to construction, soft shackles could not be more simple. Soft shackles are made up of a strop that features a 'stopper' on one end (commonly a diamond knot) and a spliced end. Depending on the brand, soft shackles are also usually wrapped in a thinner Dyneema composite fabric so they can have increased resistance to abrasion, making them stronger. Soft shackles are mostly regarded as being safer to use than hard shackles in 4WD recovery situations, especially when using an under-tension snatch strap.

Find Out if Hard Shackles are Right For You

Hard shackles are also referred to as metal shackles and come in a variety of different configurations, the most common being bow shackles and screw pin shackles. Hard shackles are known for their strength, whereas soft shackles are much more flexible - but whatever type of recovery shackle you are looking at, the most important factor to consider is making sure you know the shackle's WLL (Working Load Limit). This is crucial because the WLL will always let you know what you can safely pull with the shackle that you are using. For more helpful information, check out our Recovery Towing Buying Guide.

Recovery Shackles FAQs

How to use recovery shackles

If you have just purchased your recovery shackles but are unsure of how to use them, then here is a simple step-by-step process on how to use recovery shackles:

  • Start by looping the soft shackle around the recovery point/tow hitch of your 4WD.
  • Now add the loop for your kinetic loop or tow strap.
  • Begin putting the loop of the soft shackle through the other loop.
  • Once you have securely fastened the kinetic loop/tow strap, always proceed with caution during the recovery phase.

What is the purpose of a shackle?

Basically, the purpose of a shackle, whether a soft shackle or a hard shackle, is to lift, secure and rig heavy loads. Shackles act as the final link in the connection chain or strap in 4WD recovery. They will give you the advantage when you are wanting to make a robust physical connection between a payload and the load-lifting device while also supporting it when it is being moved.

What size shackle do I need for recovery?

When it comes to determining the size of the shackle you will need in recovery, they are sized according to the diameter of their bow section instead of their pin size. That is why you should never use a soft shackle or a hard shackle if the distance between the eyes is larger than what is listed on the manufacturer's website.

What is the shackles rule?

When it comes to using shackles in recovery, there is the important 'shackles rule' that must be followed. The rule is, always make sure that when making a sling you attach multiple sling legs to the bow - and not the pin. This is because attaching legs to the pin will damage and actually weaken the sling.

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