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Explore Every Terrain With Hi-tec Footwear From Anaconda

Experienced hikers and trekkers appreciate specialist Hi-Tec footwear specially designed for optimum performance in Australian conditions. Hi-Tec are hiking shoe specialists, making the company a perfect fit for Anaconda and our commitment to the best outdoor shoes, clothing and essential adventure gear. The Hi-Tec range includes waterproof hiking shoes, hiking boots and walking boots suitable for Australian and international conditions. Anaconda's best sellers include Hi-Tec Altitude VI, Lima Sport II, Altitude Base and Wild-Fire Low hiking shoe styles. Waterproof hiking boots or hiking shoes are an essential component of outdoor apparel, and Hi-Tec provides the highest quality for your comfort and peace of mind. Whether you're looking for men's mid-hiking boots, kids mid hiking shoes or women's low hiking shoes you can discover the perfect fit with Anaconda and Hi-Tec.

Hi-Tec Shoes - Discover A Long Standing Commitment To Quality

Since 1974, Hi Tec have been creating comfortable and practical footwear for a range of sports and outdoor adventures. Hi-Tec Sports was founded by Frank van Wezel in England, where his love of sports led him to create an innovative and lightweight squash shoe. Since then, the Hi Tec Brand has expanded into the broader global market, launching into the USA market with the introduction of a lightweight hiking boot known as the Sierra Sneaker. With a commitment to comfort and quality, Hi Tec continues to integrate a range of innovative features in their footwear, such as the AirBall Concept midsole and V-LITE technology. Explore the Hi Tec range at Anaconda and rest assured that your feet will get the support you need to take you on any adventure.

Hi-Tec FAQs

What are the benefits of Hi-Tec footwear?

Hi-Tec low hiking shoes and mid-hiking boots are made from top-quality materials, which have been carefully selected with your safety and protection in mind. The midsole and outsole should provide ample cushioning on rocky terrain, and hard-wearing, waterproof and breathable materials all improve Hi-Tec hiking boot performance.

How to choose the best Hi-Tec footwear for your adventure

The hiking boots and hiking shoes you choose to protect your feet will be influenced by the type of adventure you're on. Consider the types of terrain you regularly explore - low hiking shoes are ideal for short backpacking trips or day hikes, whereas mid-hiking boots offer the support you need for multi-day hiking trips and traversing rough terrain. Explore our informative article on how to choose the best hiking boots to determine the perfect Hi Tec fit for your next outdoor adventure!

How to care for Hi-Tec hiking shoes & boots

Aftercare provides a longer life for your footwear, so keep them clean and treat them well. Treat your shoes or boots with appropriate treatments to maintain their high quality. Store them in a dry place and clean with a cloth to remove any stains or debris. Keeping your footwear clean will help to extend their life so that they can continue providing you with exceptional protection for those epic hikes.

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Explore any terrain in comfort and the right level of support with Hi Tec footwear at Anaconda. From waterproof hiking shoes to sports mid-hiking boots, Hi-Tec and Anaconda offer a great range of sports, trekking and hiking footwear for the whole family. Find the right footwear for every adventure with our extensive selection of men's footwear, women's footwear and kids' footwear. You can also discover a massive range of hiking essentials online including clothing, hiking packs, hydration gear and much, much more! Shop the range at your local Anaconda store, or make your purchases online where you can enjoy the convenience of click & collect or home delivery for your order. Enjoy great benefits like advance sales notifications and exclusive discounts as an Anaconda Adventure Club member- if you haven't already joined make sure you sign up for free today!



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