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Find The Best Tackle Boxes For Your Next Fishing Trip At Anaconda

Fishing tackle equipment can include tackle boxes, lure boxes, tackle trays and tackle kits with special design features that anglers appreciate. Your fishing gear should include a lot more than just fishing rods and fishing reels if you hope to land a big Snapper, Bream or Flathead. Tackle storage choices from Anaconda include tray tackle boxes with multiple compartments, hard-case tackle boxes, waterproof tackle boxes made from soft plastics, and tackle bags for storing fishing accessories.

Tackle Boxes FAQs

What's the best tackle box for me?

The number one consideration when choosing the best fishing tackle box should be quality. That's why Anaconda partners with major fishing brands such as Gillies, Berkley, Alvey and Surecatch to deliver the tackle box kit you desire. Here are a few more considerations.

  • Location: Consider where you are planning to do your fishing. If it is some distance away and you have to walk, you will probably now want to take as much fishing gear as if you can park your car next to your fishing spot. A smaller tackle box or one that has removable sections may be best.
  • Size: This is mainly down to preference: do you want to keep everything in one box or do you like to split your gear depending on the species of fish or the location?
  • Hard or Soft: Tackle boxes come in a variety of shapes and materials including rigid boxes and soft bags. Some anglers prefer to use their hard box to double up as a seat, while others prefer a soft bag which tends to be lighter in weight.

What gear should I include in my tackle box?

There are of course an endless number of items to choose from, but here are some essentials that should find a place in any tackle box:

  • Extra fishing line - carry several spools with varied weights of line to adjust to different conditions.
  • Assorted hooks - make sure you have a good selection of single, double and treble hooks to cover every contingency.
  • Sinkers - pieces of lead that add casting weight to light bait. These come in various types.
  • Lures - you may prefer to fish with live bait, but it is wise to have some artificial bait to hand as well.
  • Pliers, knives and multi-tools - for those inevitable line tangles and other emergencies.
  • First aid supplies - always carry some plasters, antiseptic cream and waterproof tape, just in case!
  • Sun screen - Stay sun smart with this essential if you plan to spend several hours fishing!
  • Insect repellent - flies, mosquitos and other biting insects thrive near water, so be prepared.

How to organise your tackle box or tackle tray

Tackle boxes aren't just for storage, they can help you organise your fishing tackle so you can quickly and easily find everything to hand as you need it. Here are a few top tips for making the most out of your fishing tackle box:

  • Choose a design with multiple trays, which will allow you to group tackle according to different fish species.
  • Use labels to quickly identify what's inside each tray or compartment.
  • Choose a tackle box with clear lids so you can see what's in each one with a quick glance.
  • Organise lures and sinkers by size.

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