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What Are The Best Hiking Shoes For My Hiking Trip?

Hiking is popular among the world, so it is no surprise that many different kinds of footwear exist for those who want to go hiking. Today, we take a closer look at the different types of hiking boots and/or shoes, and why they should be considered by hikers.

What Are Hiking shoes?

Anyone who does a fair bit of walking should consider a pair of hiking shoes. Hiking shoes are characterised by their low-cut, which means they do not come up the ankle like most hiking boots do. Naturally, this means that hiking shoes are also more flexible.

There are a variety of hikers that could benefit from hiking shoes. Firstly, people who travel on a regular basis will find hiking shoes most comfortable. Campers may also prefer hiking shoes, as it provides comfort as well as a pair of versatile shoes you can go into town with.

What Are Day Hiking Boots?

Another type of hiking boot you can encounter is the so-called day hiking boots. These boots are available with both a medium and a high cut, which makes them suitable for hiking as well as camping.

One of the clear benefits of day hiking boots is the fact they are quite flexible. While this does make them less suitable for hikers carrying larger loads, it is the perfect choice for anyone who needs a shoe that can be worn immediately and can provide the necessarily support for long walks.

What Are Backpacking Boots?

When you need to carry a heavy load on your hiking trip, you most certainly need so-called backpacking boots. Backpacking boots always have a high cut, this means the boots will come above the ankle. As a result, these backpacking boots deliver excellent support.

Which Materials Are Used For Hiking Boots And Shoes?

Hiking boots and shoes can be made from various materials. Naturally, each material has its own benefits where hiking boots are concerned, so it is certainly recommended to get familiar with the different kinds of materials that make up a hiking boot or shoe.

Full-grain leather - This material is recommended for rough terrain, as full-grain leather has outstanding durability and quite a level of abrasion resistance. In addition to having abrasion resistance, full-grain leather is also resistant against water, this makes boots made from full-grain leather more than suitable for hiking in rainy weather conditions.

Of course, full-grain leather does have a downside, more specifically the fact that full-grain leather is not as breathable as some of the other materials used in hiking boots. Despite this minor downside, this is undoubtedly the best material for hiking trips in harsh weather.

Split-grain leather - As the name suggests, this type of leather will separate itself from the inner leather part of the hiking boot or shoe. Therefore, some unusual material combinations are possible with split-grain leather. A lot of hiking boots may include a nylon mesh, which deliver more breathability to the boot or shoe.

Nubuck leather - Nubuck is a specific type of leather that is popular for hiking boots. The thing that sets this material apart from other types of leather is that it resembles suede. So, the perfect choice for those looking for hiking boots and want to remain trendy.

Synthetic materials - Manmade materials tend to be extremely strong and this is no different for the synthetic materials used to create hiking boots. In addition to durability, synthetic hiking boots tend to be lighter than leather shoes too. So, anyone who does not like a cumbersome shoe to walk in often looks at synthetic hiking boots to find a solution.

Can I Find Hiking Boots That Are Waterproof?

Most hiking boots will have a water-resistant property, but there are some hiking shoes and boots that have a waterproof feature. These hiking boots are usually made with special waterproof materials, this includes Gore-Tex.

Buying The Best Hiking Boots And Shoes From Anaconda!

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