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Need some extra storage on your person during your day to day activities? Check out our beautiful range of lifestyle bags and backpacks at Anaconda today!

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Here at Anaconda we offer a range of highly versatile lifestyle bags and packs that will serve you well in your daily activities. We have stylish lifestyle bags from top sportswear brands like Nike and Adidas that are a great fit for a wide range of needs. Here you'll find backpacks to carry all your daily essentials to and from school or work, as well as large gym bags that will easily fit your trainers, workout clothes and other essential gear.


Lifestyle backpacks are perfectly sized to fit everything you need to get you through the day, whether its books, gadgets, drinks or your must have daily accessories. These are also large enough to carry a change of clothes and a whole lot more for a day trip or an overnight outing.

These lifestyle bags have loads of extra pockets and compartments to keep your stuff organised and have your most used items within easy reach. If you happen to carry a lot of stuff in your backpack, it can be very time consuming and frustrating to have to dig through everything in your bag just to get to that one thing that you need right away. When you have spaces designated for specific items, the time you'll save throughout the day will make you more productive and allow you to spend more time on the things that you actually care about.

When you have fragile items like laptops with you all the time, it's important to find a backpack with a large enough storage compartment that's adequately padded to keep it safe from external forces like accidental drops or the combined weight of everything else in your bag. Without appropriate padding, your laptop is more likely to end up with a cracked LCD screen, a broken hard drive, or random cosmetic damage.

The lifestyle backpacks we offer are designed to be very comfortable to wear even when fully loaded. Padded shoulder straps make carrying heavy loads all day much easier on your shoulders. It's also important to adjust your shoulder straps to not only to get a good fit, but also to make sure the weight is properly spread out along the major stress points of your body.

Gym Bags

Gym bags offer a lot more room for your stuff than a typical lifestyle backpack. The extra space lets you quickly throw in all your workout gear such as trainers, sandals, towels, workout clothes, multiple water bottles, as well as all the other stuff you'll need to store safely. Using a gym bag, you can keep a set of fresh clothes to change into and store your used and sweaty workout clothes in a separate section far enough away from your other stuff so you won't have to worry about messing up everything else in your bag.

Similar to lifestyle backpacks, most gym bags also feature multiple zip pockets and storage compartments to keep you organised. You'll also find a single padded shoulder strap which allows you to comfortably sling the bag across your body or simply carry it over one shoulder. Dual carrying handles are another common gym bag feature, which lets you easily carry it by hand. These handles can also be fixed together using a Velcro or button clasp to provide extra security.

Dry Sack

Anaconda also offers dry sacks which are great for keeping your stuff dry whether its clothes or expensive electronics. Dry sacks can be rolled up into a very compact package when it's not needed, so you can always keep a spare dry sack in your backpack or gym bag as an extra storage bag that will allow you to safely separate wet items from dry ones. These dry sacks are air tight which means it won't let any liquids in or out.

You can buy dry sacks in eight different sizes. We offer dry sacks ranging from 1 litre up to 35 litres, which is large enough to hold all the items in your daypack or even store and protect the entire bag itself if it's small enough to fit.



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