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Petrol jerry cans are essential and ensures you have a safe trip without getting stranded. Check out Anaconda's fuel containers before your next road trip!

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Why Do I Need Fuel Containers?

Australia is a huge country and long-distance journeys are a rite of passage for most of us. Our country boasts unbeatable 4WD territory and outback experiences, but all roads should be treated with caution. That's why Anaconda delivers wide-ranging storage solutions such as UV-resistant fuel containers, water containers, jerry cans, heavy-duty load restraints and a range of fuel storage containers for all your fuel storing needs.

What Type Of Fuel Container Do I Need?

This will depend on your travelling style. If you expect to visit isolated regions far from the nearest fuel stop, your jerry can volume capacity should be ready to compensate for any worst-case scenario such as a major fuel leak or running out of fuel before reaching a petrol station. For vacations closer to home, a smaller jerry can or fuel can should suffice. Check out our collection of 10L and 20L jerry cans from name brands such as Dune, Bushtracks and Fuel Safe. When not in use, an airtight and waterproof petrol can be safely stored in the garage. The 10L jerry can is a great option for holidaymakers, tradies and DIY professionals who appreciate quality. The 20L jerry cans in metal or weather-resistant plastic are in demand with 4WD fans and outback enthusiasts.

What Accessories Should I Also Consider

Everything at Anaconda is designed for your convenience and comfort. Even the simplest accessories such as a flexible funnel with a strainer or detachable jerry can spout will make life easier on the road. If you want to siphon fuel without fuss, an Orcon siphon jiggle will do the trick. Anaconda fuel containers and jerry cans include ready-made jerry can holders for safe fuel transportation for your 4WD, ute, trailer or motor home. We also stock strong rachet tie-downs, camlock straps and heavy-duty rope for securing the load. With versatile and innovative Anaconda solutions, your fuel containers, storage containers and camping gear can be stowed safely and conveniently for the entire journey.

Jerry Can FAQs

Can you carry fuel in your car in Australia?

Yes, you can carry fuel in your car in Australia. However, there are certain rules that you must follow in order to do so. For example, all of your fuel containers and jerry cans need to be loaded, secured, segregated, transported and unloaded safely. And when it comes to carrying fuel in a jerry can, one vehicle is only allowed to carry up to 250L of fuel.

Can I put petrol in any container?

No, you cannot put petrol in any container. You should only be storing fuel in steel or metal jerry cans or fuel containers that are made out of high-density polyethylene plastic. The reason for this is because incorrect containers such as simple plastic containers can easily build up static - which can ignite the stored petrol, which is why it's crucial to always use the right type of fuel can.

Can you put drinking water in a jerry can?

Yes, you can put drinking water in a jerry can. Because jerry cans utilise the same type of lining in the interior of the container, the same one found in beer barrels, they are perfectly safe for storing drinking water in them too - just make sure they are completely clean before filling them up.

Are metal or plastic jerry cans better?

It does not matter if you use a metal jerry can or a plastic jerry can, just as long as the fuel container you are using is properly rated. If you are choosing to use a plastic fuel container to store your petrol, just make sure that the plastic it is made of is high-density polyethylene plastic.

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