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Anaconda offers a huge range of vehicle load restraint items including rachet tie down straps and more. Discover our collection of load restraints today!

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Anaconda caters a range of vehicle load restraint items including heavy duty tie down straps, ratchet tie downs and more. Discover our load restraint range at Anaconda.

4WD outback adventures can cover thousands of kilometers traversing all types of off-road surfaces. Numerous accessories plus roof racks and load restraints will be with you for the ride, and everything should be stowed correctly with tie down straps, ratchet straps, cargo nets and other load restraints for a safe journey. Experienced tourers and 4WD enthusiasts ensure they use appropriate cable ties, octopus straps, load restraints, bungee straps and ratcheting straps for securing luggage and equipment during adventures to amazing Australian destinations.

Australia is a huge continent with its fair share of surprises, so whether you want to witness incredible sunsets, swim under pristine tropical waterfalls, explore endless coastline, or head for the hills in your 4WD, you need to be prepared. Once civilization falls behind and you are on your own, heavy duty load restraints and tie down straps available at Anaconda will become essential for a safe journey. Securing and lashing possessions on roof racks or a ute tray is easy using load binder solutions from Anaconda. Ratchet tie down straps provide secure loading and minimise movement, while cam buckles, winches, cargo nets and webbing, all available at Anaconda, are incredible versatile.


The National Transport Commission of Australia sets out load restraint performance standards in cooperation with law enforcement agencies. In other words, even if you are operating a light vehicle with a mass of up to 4.5 tonnes, you are required to demonstrate load restraint methods that comply with the law. Load restraints are designed to perform several functions:

  • Keeping the load safely on or in the vehicle or trailer during normal driving conditions, including cornering, acceleration, heavy braking and even minor collisions.
  • Assisting you to maintain vehicle stability by securing heavy and cumbersome items appropriately.
  • Allowing you to carry items such as bikes and boats without them protruding in a dangerous manner.

You only need a basic understanding of load shift to fully appreciate the value of load restraint equipment available at Anaconda. An unsecured load can shift noticeably when accelerating, braking, cornering and performing other regular driving functions. Uneven road surfaces and steep inclines/descents add to the equation, so it's in the best interests of yourself and your travelling companions to be equipped with professional Anaconda load restraint gear.


If you are a newcomer to camping, hiking and 4WD adventures, you have come to the right place. Securing your load for a road trip isn't complex, but it does require a degree of knowledge and experience, so here are some load restraint tips for securing the load. If you want to experience our equipment first-hand, or learn more about the latest load restraint products, visit your nearest Anaconda store in person or contact a specialist online.

1. The load will move if not properly restrained

The load you transport in or on your vehicle will naturally want to move forwards, backwards, sideways or upwards, depending on prevailing conditions. It's a misconception to think a heavy item will stay put because of its weight. In reality, heavy items can shift almost as easily as light ones when aided by movement, making the heavy mass extremely dangerous if not properly restrained. Driving slowly is hardly a better alternative, and although it may minimise the danger, the relentless inconvenience of unrestrained belongings will remain.

2. Choose appropriate load restraints for your purpose

Every load is different and you will need to consider the method that works best for you, while still meeting legal obligations. Your vehicle should be designed to carry the load comfortably without affecting driving performance or handling. At Anaconda you can choose purpose-designed load restraint equipment with the capacity to handle all 4WD and off-road duties. Our products are built to last, including load restraint equipment that will secure your precious cargo safely for the entire journey.

3. Examine load restraint and storage solutions

There are two most commonly applied load restraint methods. Anaconda supports the best brands so you can choose a quality product that suits your needs. Restraint and storage containment methods include:

  • Tie-down restraints using lashings, ropes and clamps to secure the load.
  • Direct restraints that contain, block or attach gear in a permanent position.

4. Check load restraint equipment regularly

Load restraints are among the most commonly mislaid or forgotten pieces of travelling and camping equipment. It's wise to check your restraints in the early stages of preparation, as they will be essential for a safe and happy journey. Anaconda can fulfil all your immediate needs, while you should check restraints occasionally while on the road to ensure tension is maintained and the load secured.


Properly securing cargo items is essential for safe touring on the highway or off-road. You will need to understand your load's characteristics in weight, dimensions, materials, balance and durability. Appropriate load restraints and containment methods available from Anaconda are designed to secure your valuable possessions without damaging them, so you can enjoy the drive and journey just as much as anyone else.

If you are carrying larger items, the vehicle you choose will need to satisfy safe loading laws. Make sure the weight and dimensions are suitable, and that the load doesn't stick out beyond your vehicle more than the maximum allowable length. Off-road vehicles come in all styles these days, so whether you require tie-down lashings, containers, racks or another innovative methods for securing the load, Anaconda has the answers you are looking for.

Never use load restraint equipment that is broken, worn or damaged. Make sure you check all equipment before each trip to ensure it is in good working order and strong enough to restrain the load. Choose rated equipment from name brand manufacturers, available at Anaconda.


Ensuring the safety of the driver and passengers is the number one priority during Australian overland adventures. You will require storage and load restraint solutions whether you are hiking ancient trails, camping under the stars, or forging new tracks on a 4WD adventure. The first priority is to make sure enough load restraint is used to keep yourself and others safe.

All items should be restrained so they can't fall or move in a way that makes the vehicle unsafe to operate. Quality load restraint equipment is designed and manufactured for light vehicles, 4WDs, trucks and trailers, so you should purchase equipment specifically built for your needs. There are also several practical measures you can take, such as securing the load against a solid headboard and strapping multiple items together for space-saving stability.

The majority of loads can be adequately restrained using quality ratchet tie downs, pull tie downs, cam tie downs, strap hold downs and heavy-duty straps, all available at Anaconda online and in-store. For heavier loads, such as those experienced by semi-trailer truck drivers, chains are preferable as they don't stretch in the same way as straps and ropes. If you are using roof racks or stacking items in a trailer, it's imperative to contain everything in a low centre of gravity close to the vehicle's centre line so items don't easily tip over or destabilise the vehicle.

You can avoid problems by spreading the load weight evenly around the vehicle. Remember to load heavier items at the bottom and lighter gear above. Safely store essential items such as fuel, water and the spare tyre using appropriate containers, boxing and restraints, so you can enjoy the scenery instead of focusing on problems. You can use packing material, rubber scraps, cloth and other padding to secure and restrain the load on longer legs of the journey, and remember to stop, rest and check the load periodically.


Utilising the right load restraint equipment is essential for correctly carrying your load. If the wrong equipment is used it can result in losing the entire load or causing damage and injury. For most purposes, high quality load restraint equipment available at Anaconda will ensure best possible safety standards are followed for an enjoyable vacation. Anaconda is your one stop shop for long-lasting, hard-wearing and versatile load restraint equipment.

The weight and shape of your load will determine your needs, with tie-down load restraint equipment options that include:

  • Lashings that are pulled over the load and attached to the vehicle exterior.
  • Permanent vehicle fittings such as headboards, tailgates and side gates.

Ratchet tie-downs ensure everything is secure, even if you are an inexperienced traveller. Seasoned outdoors people incorporate rope and special adjustable truckie's hitch or double hitch knots into their loading repertoire, although beginners should stick with purpose-designed load restraint products from established manufacturers. If you do need to use rope, purchase Anaconda quality and secure the lashings vertically and tightly for maximum tension.

Webbing strap tie-downs available from Anaconda are incredibly versatile and are suitable for a wide variety of load types. These incredibly strong ties come with end fittings and tensioners attached for ease of use. Ratchet tie-downs provide peace of mind while on long and short journeys, although webbing can stretch and the tie-downs may need to be re-tensioned from time to time.

If you are pulling a trailer, It's worth investigating purpose designed cargo net and tarpaulin solutions for covering the entire load. Cargo nets are an effective restraint as they hold material down without impeding air flow and won't easily blow away in the wind. Tarpaulins are mostly effective for weather protection purposes when storms are brewing and gear needs to be covered during a roadside stop. A tarpaulin will flap, flutter and ultimately fly away on the open road, and shouldn't be considered as a solution for safely restraining your load.

Tool and storage boxes are an obvious travelling solution, and have long been used by tradespersons, truck drivers and outdoor adventurers to keep possessions and equipment in order. Selections available from Anaconda include Dune 4WD Desert Sand 50L and 150L Storage Boxes along with heavy-duty jerry cans and large water canisters for safe storage of back-up supplies.


A ratchet load binder is used to tighten and pull chains or webbing straps together for securely lashing down items. Load binders are commonly used in the transport and agriculture industries, predominantly to secure loads for easy manoeuvrability and safe transport.

Chain links or webbing loops are attached to hooks on the load binder. The ratchet mechanism allows you to comfortably tighten the restraint incrementally until items are securely tied to your satisfaction. At Anaconda, we offer convenient solutions to difficult problems, including heavy duty ratchet load binders manufactured from high quality forged steel.

Load binders are capable of securing extremely weighty loads, and you are in safe hands when using quality Anaconda products from established brands. Remember to use your load restraint for its approved function according to manufacturer's guidelines. With Anaconda, you can personalise your load restraint system to include load restraint bars, curtain side load restraints, ratchet ties, load binders and more.


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