Load Restraint

Not enough space in your vehicle for all the gear you need to take? Anaconda has the answer. Browse through the range of load restraint items for a number of easy options that will allow you to safely strap luggage, kayaks, tents and other bulky items to the roof of your vehicle. With items including straps, tie downs, cable locks and cargo nets in our Load Restraint range, you will be able to secure heavy loads in transit, on top of your vehicle, in a trailer, as well as protecting your outdoor equipment, camping gear and any other items that need to be left outdoors

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What is a load restraint?

Whether you're setting off on an epic adventure fully loaded with gear or simply need to move an oversized load across town, you'll need reliable tie down and load restraint solutions that won't ever let you down. Anaconda has you covered with its wide range of tie downs and towing accessories.

Tie Downs and Straps Available from Anaconda

Anaconda offers a large selection of tie downs, ratchet straps, bungee cords, cargo nets and cable locks to help you safely secure even the heaviest of loads while on the road.

Cam Buckle Tie Down

These tie down straps are manually adjusted using the built in cam buckle to firmly secure your load from moving while on the road. Many of these cam buckle tie downs also feature a quick release mechanism which makes unloading much quicker.

Ratchet Tie Down

If you need to hold down your load much tighter, ratchet style tie down straps are a better option. The ratchet mechanism lets you progressively tighten down your straps with much more force than you can by manually pulling the straps through a cam buckle's loops. Ratchet tie downs are best used with less fragile items that won't be easily crushed by the extra force that one can apply through it.

Elastic Straps and Bungee Cords

For lighter loads or loads that are not likely to tip over or fall off your rig, you can use elastic straps or bungee cords that are held down by hooks or S-loops. Your cargo will be firmly held in place using the tension of the straps and bungee cords.

Chains, Shackles and Padlocks

Chains and shackles should be used to tie down very heavy equipment since it is much stronger and less likely to fail than tie down straps. You can also use a traditional padlock and chain combo or a cable lock to secure your cargo if you need to leave it unattended for any period of time.

Towing Accessories Available from Anaconda

Check out Anaconda's range of towing accessories like tow balls, jockey wheels, tow ball scales and shackles, which make hooking up your tow rig to a trailer or caravan much easier and safer.

Tow Balls

A tow ball provides an articulated connection point between your vehicle and your trailer or caravan. It allows whatever you're towing to move freely as you turn corners and go over bumps and dips without upsetting the balance of your tow vehicle.

We also sell tow ball covers to protect your tow ball and keep it properly greased when it's not in use. To make sure whatever you're towing does not exceed your tow ball's rated capacity, we also sell Tow Ball Weight Scales so you can get an accurate measurement of your trailer's weight.

Jockey Wheels

Trailer jockey wheels are attached to the front frame of a trailer so that it can be moved in any direction much easier. Jockey wheels allow you to manoeuvre the trailer onto your tow ball and then lowered once the trailer is positioned properly.


A D-shackle provides a backup connection point for your trailer in case it becomes accidentally disconnected from your tow vehicle. A rated D-shackle should be used to make sure it can handle the weight of your trailer in conjunction with heavy duty chains.

Other Camping, RV and 4WD Accessories

You might also be interested in our RV accessories and four wheeling accessories, which include heavy duty extension leads, awning tensioners and protective sleeves for winch cables.



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