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Enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle and fresh air with one of these comfortable and stylish beach bikes. Shop cruiser bikes with vintage charm at Anaconda!

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What exactly is a comfort bike?

The comfort bike, which incorporates suspension in the seat, fork or handlebar stem to soak up the trail bumps or potholes, is a variation on the mountain bike. The suspension of a comfort bike does add some weight and can hinder performance, but if comfort is more important to you than speed this is a great choice. Comfort bikes are built mainly for leisurely, recreational cycling and short distance outings on bike paths or paved roads with flat terrain.

Can I purchase comfort bikes at Anaconda?

Yes, Anaconda stocks a range of comfort bikes for both men and women, in different models and a range of colours to suit all styles. Comfort bikes generally offer a more upright seating position than road or mountain bikes, which is ideal if you need to look out for other road traffic in town, or want to enjoy the scenery on a leisurely trip.

What else sets comfort bikes apart from other bikes?

Apart from the better suspension, you will find that most comfort bikes have quite large wheels, and come with comfortable, slightly larger saddles. Many have mudguards and quite a few of our models also offer the option of having luggage or a child seat added behind the saddle, or a basket to the front of the bike. You may also be interested in checking out our range of urban bikes, suitable for city-living.

Does Anaconda sell other bikes apart from comfort bikes?

Yes, you will find a range of different bikes at Anaconda including mountain bikes, road bikes, urban bikes and kids bikes too. All of them have different features and are suitable for different types of environment, speed and terrain. Check out the different ranges of bikes to find the perfect bike for you!

What if anything goes wrong with my bike?

At Anaconda, all our bikes come with some form of warranty to make sure you are protected. Warranties may differ depending on model or manufacturer, so please check individual product details for the warranty that applies to your bike. Also, you will find a range of spare parts, accessories, repair kits and storage options here at Anaconda, as well as cycling clothes, shoes and helmets, so whatever is needed for your cycling trips, you will find it here.



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