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For all your transporting needs, let your bike take the strain with a pannier bag or rack from Anaconda. Explore our bike accessories at Anaconda now.

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Can I purchase bike panniers, bags and racks at Anaconda?

Yes, if you need to transport camping or hiking equipment, a change of clothes, wet-weather gear, or simply the weekly shop, you can find the right type of storage for your bike here at Anaconda. The range includes small saddle bags and larger bags, so check out the range to find your ideal storage solution.

What are the benefits of using a saddle bag?

Saddle bags, as the name suggests, let you put small items such as keys, phones, snacks or other essentials away safely. This is in many cases safer than having them in your pocket, where they can become dislodged during the ride and even fall out and become lost, while still being close enough to get to quickly when needed.

What else is included in the range?

Choose from several types of bicycle panniers to safely store your equipment, clothes, food or shopping on the back of your bicycle. Made from tough and durable polyester and nylon, these panniers will keep the contents dry and secure, and their lightweight construction will mean you don't have too much excess weight to carry.

What are top tube bags?

Top tube bags are designed for serious cyclists who need access to items while riding, for instance, time trailers, triathletes and other racers. With straps to attach the bag to the top tube and head tube of your bike, you can have small items such as energy drinks or gels close to hand and access them without stopping, while still keeping an aerodynamic profile on the bike. Some have an extra pocket for a mobile phone or MP3 player too.

What else do you recommend from the bike accessories range?

With so many different models of bike available these days, it may be that your bike does not have a rack behind the saddle to fit your panniers, child seat or other storage onto. Here you can find a rear carrier that can be mounted on a large number of different bikes, attaching to the frame and the rear wheel, which you can then secure your panniers, wire baskets or other items on.

Does Anaconda sell other storage items for cyclists too?

Yes, if you would rather carry your gear or hydration in a backpack, there are a large number of options here at Anaconda to choose from, that are specially designed for cyclists and have mesh shoulder straps to avoid chafing, as well as inbuilt reflectors for safety and hydration solutions for while you are on the move. Check out the different possibilities today and enjoy a great time riding your bike with everything you need close at hand.



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