Kids Water & Dive Shoes

Protect your kids' feet from rocks when out playing on the beach with these practical kids dive shoes. Explore our footwear for kids at Anaconda now.

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Can I purchase kids water & dive shoes at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Kids water and dive shoes, also sometimes referred to as aqua shoes, are a great addition to your kid's holiday and leisure wardrobe. These shoes will protect their feet from sharp stones or rocks in the water, from hurting themselves on rubbish or broken glass that may be found on a beach, and will provide them with added grip for better balance.

What are kid's water and dive shoes made from?

These shoes are generally made from a combination of Neoprene (a type of artificial rubber) and mesh. This ensures that the shoes are suitable for immersion in fresh water and seawater, and will allow for quick drainage once the wearer comes out of the water too. They are lightweight and will have easy fastenings.

How do I care for kid's water and dive shoes?

These shoes are very easy to care for as any dirt can simply be washed off with warm water and some mild detergent. If the shoes have been worn in seawater, it is recommended to rinse them with some tap water before storing away, and always make sure the shoes are dry before putting them away for longer periods of time.

Does Anaconda offer other footwear for in and around water too?

Yes, if your kids enjoy swimming, check our beach & surf accessories range for kids dive sets, which include short fins, ideal for exploring marine wildlife in shallow waters. Also, some of the kids sandals and casual shoes here at Anaconda are made from man-made materials that will withstand immersion in water and can be worn on the beach or around the pool. Obviously, for wet conditions caused by rain, you can also check out our range of kid's gumboots, which offer protection against the rain in combination with fun kids designs.

Does Anaconda offer other types of footwear for kids too?

Yes, browse our complete range of footwear for kids to find everything from thongs to snow boots, as well as running and cycling shoes, team sports footwear, casual shoes and more for boys and girls of all ages. Once they grow out of kids shoe sizes, our range of adult footwear for men and women will include different types of footwear that are suitable.



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