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No more cold shower on your camping holiday with Anaconda's modern camping hot water system. Shop your camping hot water system at Anaconda for the best price.

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What type of hot water heaters can I buy from Anaconda?

Here at Anaconda, we offer the latest models of camping water heaters available on the market today. Modern camping water heaters are extremely portable and can be easily carried and stored along with your other camping equipment.

Our camping water heaters work in pretty much the same way as tankless water heaters, also known as demand-type or instantaneous water heaters, used in homes do. These water heaters can produce a continuous stream of very hot water in a matter of seconds using a gas burner powered by a small propane tank. It pumps water from your container through the system and out to a shower head using a small electric pump powered by a rechargeable battery. The system can be recharged using either mains power or your car's 12 volt accessory socket, so you can always have hot water wherever you go.

The whole system is digitally controlled which makes it extremely easy to use. Our hot water heaters also use quick connect fittings to make setting it up and camp breakdowns a breeze.

What are camping hot water heaters used for?

Hot water heaters are primarily used for taking hot showers, washing dishes, cooking and preparing beverages.

Traditionally, if you wanted to have something as simple as a cup coffee or tea, you'd have to first fire up your camp stove or get a campfire going then wait a couple of minutes for your water to boil. If you wanted a hot shower for just one person, you'd have to wait even longer for your kettle or pot of water to boil, just to heat up your shower water a few degrees higher than ambient. Aside from the extra work and time required to be able to enjoy these basic amenities, it also wastes a lot of fuel in the process.

With a modern camping water heater, you can have a consistent flow of hot water at the touch of a button. If you're camping with several people, a portable water heater can be a real time saver - not to mention, a very welcome luxury when the weather gets colder. Washing dishes also goes a lot quicker when you have a steady stream of hot water to help soften up and wash away the grime off your dishes. With the time and energy you save, you can relax and enjoy the outdoors more with your friends and family. In addition, everybody ends up having a better overall disposition with all the little extra creature comforts a portable water heater is able to provide.

Camping water heaters are small enough to be easily packed away in a car, caravan or motor home.

What features do camping water heaters have?

Most modern portable water heaters have an LCD readout that lets you know important details like your remaining battery power and temperature settings.

When buying a camping water heater, find out how much water it can heat up on a single propane or LPG tank. It's also a good idea to know how many minutes of runtime you can expect from a single battery charge. Finally and most importantly, you'll want to check if the water heater is powerful enough to increase the temperature of your water supply by several degrees higher than ambient.



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