Developed for Australia, Joolca provides portable hot water for life off the grid. Camping, touring, boating or washing the dog, you'll have hot water on tap.

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Do you have friends or family that never wanted to go camping because they didn't want to 'rough it'? Founded in 2012, Joolca has been providing Aussies with reliable high-quality portable hot water systems to make the great outdoors more accessible when camping off of the grid. With just a Joolca hot water system and an LPG bottle, you can always enjoy a nice relaxing and warm shower from the comfort of your campsite - wherever your next outdoor adventure takes you!

From portable Joolca shower tents, including single, double and triple shower tents, to Joolca accessories such as extension hoses, 24K power banks, mounting brackets, covers and more, all your portable hot water needs are fully taken care of in our fantastic Joolca range at Anaconda. Functioning as a miniature tankless water heater, by simply burning gas to heat the water as it flows through the connected pipes, the Joolca hot water system brings the comfort of a nice hot shower to you. Featuring a simple set-up that is easy to operate and comes complete with a kit that contains all the parts you will need, explore our fantastic Joolca range at Anaconda today.

Joolca FAQs

Can you use Joolca indoors?

No, the Joolca hot water system can only be used outside in a well-ventilated area. While it might be tempting to use the HOTTAP in indoor applications such as camper trailers, buses, vans, cars, houses, sheds, caravans, shacks or houseboats, it is strongly advised to only use the Joolca hot water system for outdoor use only.

Can you use salt water with Joolca?

Using salt water with Joolca will reduce the lifetime of the unit over time, so it is not advised to use salt water. This is because the HOTTAP was designed to be used with freshwater, which means using salt water or brackish water (a mixture of both freshwater and saltwater) can risk causing long-term damage to the internal components of the portable hot water system.

Can Joolca stay outside?

Yes, the Joolca hot water system can stay outside - but only if it is covered. Joolca was designed to be used in the great outdoors, but to ensure it remains in perfect working condition, it is highly recommended to protect it from the elements by covering it with a cover when not in use. This will ensure it is protected and always ready to go when you need it.

What gas does Joolca use?

When it comes to using the type of gas with your Joolca hot water system, it runs on LPG gas. This is because the Joolca HOTTAP is designed to run on the same gas as home BBQs do, which are typically 9kg LPG cylinders, also known as ULPG in New Zealand. For more information, check out our Portable Camp Shower Buying Guide.

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