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Enjoy a great night's sleep after a busy day having fun when camping, hiking or trekking with the right deluxe sleeping gear from Anaconda. With so many different sleeping bag options to choose from, you'll be able to find the perfect solution to a good night's rest whatever your circumstances. Choose from camp beds, sleeping bags, airbeds, sleeping mats, hammocks, camping mattresses and all the sleeping essentials and accessories that you can think of, from travel pillows to pumps.

No matter where you plan to spend the night, you'll be able to spend it in comfort with a little camping gear planning and organisation before you set off. A good night's sleep is essential while camping or trekking, making Anaconda sleeping bags and self-inflating air beds a worthy investment in your adventure. Anaconda is Australia's favourite camping, hiking and outdoor specialist for all the right reasons, with a huge range of high-quality hiking tents, tarps, cookware, gazebos and spare parts for making your journey a success. At Anaconda, you can even purchase best quality roof racks, repair kits and first aid kits to ensure you have a safe and healthy getaway.


At Anaconda, you can tailor your tent, sleeping bag, camping mattress and camp furniture to your personal style. If you are trekking on foot, opt for a lightweight sleeping mat, ultralight sleeping bag and inflatable pillow. If you are travelling by camper or 4WD, your vehicle can handle a luxurious inflatable bed, stretchers, hammock or camp bed. For ultimate comfort and maximising shade while on the roadside, consider a sun reflecting awning and camp stretcher for catching the cooling breeze.

Australia is known for its rough terrain and harsh climate. That's why Anaconda partners with world-leading outdoor and adventure brands who manufacture products that can handle tough treatment. At Anaconda online or instore, you get to choose from name brands such as Blackwolf, Coleman, Oztrail, Sea To Summit and Oztent, ensuring that your camping mattress, air bed, foam mattress or sleeping bag work in harmony for a satisfying night's rest. Whether you need breathability and air circulation with a self-inflating air mattress, or an impermeable barrier courtesy of a hard foam mattress, Anaconda has the camping trip solution you require.

Camping gear can take up a lot of space, particularly if you are on foot without any additional storage area. Adaptable camping mattresses, inflatable mattresses, air beds and inflatable pillows are lightweight and don't take up much space. However, it is a good idea to factor in your tent and campsite space needs prior to purchasing for optimising camp comfort. Opt for a larger tent with additional storage space, awning, adjustable sides and outdoor entry floor for additional comfort.


Most airbeds available from Anaconda are easy to inflate with a pump, which in some cases may be included with the airbed (see product details) or which can be purchased separately from the range of pumps available. Other air beds and camping mattresses are self-inflating, and for major inflating jobs an air compressor can be used. Pumps include manual pumps, electric pumps, pumps that can be run off your vehicle's engine and even rechargeable pumps, so the choice is yours depending on your budget and location.

Most airbeds can also be deflated with pumps when they have a deflate setting. Innovative technology is transforming camping in Australia, making Anaconda the go-to retailer for all mattress, air bed, sleeping bag and swag needs. If deluxe comfort is your thing, you can even purchase luxurious velour covered self-inflating air mattresses for maximum comfort under the stars. With major manufacturers such as Blackwolf, Sea Too Summit and Oztrail all under one roof, you are certain to find the camping mattress, hiking tent or other campsite comfort you are looking for at Anaconda. Our airbeds and camping mattresses are designed to accommodate singles or couples, with single air bed, king single air bed and double air bed and sleeping bag options available.


Folding camp beds and camp stretchers can be a great solution for those who want to sleep off the ground away from biting insects and cold earth. With the addition of a deluxe sleeping mat or air mattress you'll get a good night's sleep. For those young at heart, and lightweight trekkers on the move, a hammock is a versatile sleeping solution. Anaconda provides freestanding hammocks and hammocks with frame that can be set up almost anywhere.

Don't forget other great camping accessories, equipment and apparel that will transform your camping experience. Camping gear options can include headlamps for enjoying night time activities, insect protection, rechargeable devices, air pump, tarps, camp cookware, thongs and much more, all designed and manufactured for Australian conditions.



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