Snow Boots

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Snow Boots

Visitors to Australia's alpine regions understand that protective footwear is a high priority. If you are visiting the snow for the first time, or are a regular ski bunny updating your snow apparel, you may be surprised at the wide variety of snow boots on offer, all providing different functions. Snow boots are a winter essential, and times have changed since moon boots were the only casual footwear option, so it's time to explore Anaconda women's snow boots for more inspiration.

What kind of boots to wear in snow?

Personalised options are essential for capturing a customer base, and Anaconda provides a comprehensive and convenient online service as well as an Australia-wide network of stores for the complete browsing and purchasing experience. Our women's snow boot collection has been hand picked for quality, workmanship and materials used by major manufacturers with an eye for women's style.

It's worth considering taking two pairs of snow boots on vacation. You can wear the tough, weather-resistant boots while outdoors, then slip into your comfy snow loafers later in the evening. Casual knit boots are quirky and comfy for times when you want to put your feet up, and are easily scrunched into a bag or backpack for convenient carrying.

The Anaconda women's snow boot collection provides sturdiness, style and comfort for a range of uses, with manufacturers such as Hi Tec, Columbia, XTM, Cape and Chute all represented. Whether you want to spend your time indoors or outdoors, on the slopes or around the town, Anaconda snow boots will protect your feet from the elements.

What are the best snow boots?

This will depend on your snow boot purpose. Will you be spending your time on the slopes and in the snow? Do you prefer versatile footwear for walking around town and on the trail? Do you want snow boots that hug your feet like a woollen blanket? Is making a style statement important to you? There are lots of considerations prior to purchasing women's snow boots, so here are some great options from Anaconda.

XTM Georgie Women's boots: The seamless style and stitching are apparent on first impression, along with the waterproof membrane all-weather performance. These boots are plush, comfortable, attractive and suitable for wearing while skiing and snowboarding.

Hi Tec Women's St Moritz 200 Snow Boots: Waterproof suede leather and faux fur lining provides comfort and warmth for years of comfortable wear. These boots are waterproof, breathable and lightweight, with a strong rubber sole for hard-wearing trekking.

Columbia Women's Heavenly Shorty Snow Boots: These impressive snow boots are both cute and tough. Features include special Onmi-Heat insulation and a thermal reflective lining for cozy warmth. Seam sealed construction protects you from rain, sleet and snow.

37 Degrees South Women's Buller II Snow Boots: There are times when you will need to quickly step outside or hang around outdoors. These boots are the alternative to weighty and cumbersome hiking boots. They take moments to put on and are incredibly comfortable. Your feet will thank you.

Chute Women's St Anton Snow Boots: As always, Chute brings practicality and style to the table. These snow boots, available in black or white, provide thermal protection for your feet to minus 10-degrees Celsius. The water resistant upper and insulated sole add to all-round weather protection for fun in the snow or regular everyday outdoor use.

Cape Women's Valarie Knit Boots: These boots are more than a packing afterthought. Knit boots are the ideal footwear for indoors while on a snow vacation. The Cape Valarie Knit Boots, with festive black and white pattern, are sure to stimulate fun times around the fireplace during your next winter getaway.

Are snow boots waterproof?

All outdoor snow boots are water resistant, and the best snow boots for skiing and snowboarding are waterproof. There are a huge range of snow boots on the market, and it pays to invest in snow boots manufactured by outdoors specialists. There are several built-in snow boot features designed to help them remain waterproof, such as high sides and a rubber sole.

Soft, high-quality waterproof leather provides superior fit and long lasting durability. Water resistance of other materials is aided by special coatings, innovative stitching and layered boot materials for snug fitting warmth. Waterproof snow boots are tough and can be washed easily to keep them in shape and looking good. Your faithful snow boots from Anaconda can last for many years of reliable use.

Whether you require women's snow boots, men's snow boots, kids snow boots or different styles of winter boots to outfit your wardrobe, look no further than Anaconda. For even more inspiration, check out our entire footwear range for camping, mountaineering and hiking options.

How to wear snow boots?

As the name suggests, snow boots are designed for snowy and wet situations. They are worn by adults and children in the snow, mud or outdoors, providing a waterproof exterior plus interior insulation for comfort and warmth. There are differences between snow boots and other types of boots that may help guide your purchasing decision.

  • Outdoor snow boots are always waterproof or water resistant, unlike some other boots
  • Snow boots are used in the snow, while hiking boots perform best on trails and paths
  • Snow boots are easy to clean thanks to fully waterproof materials
  • All snow boots extend at least partway up the leg
  • Snow boots feature moderate to heavy insulation under the waterproof layer

Waterproof snow boots are trendy, smart and hard-wearing, and with Anaconda on your side you don't have to break the bank. Quality snow boots from major brands are on sale for cheap snow boot prices, thanks to Anaconda partnerships with the best Australian and international apparel and equipment specialists. We deliver the widest range of camping, hiking and outdoor gear available, and pass the savings on to you.

Where to buy snow boots online?

Considering the amazing diversity of the Australian countryside and coast, it took a while for camping stores to evolve. Shopping at small stores and niche shops is an adventure, and they often stock great gear, but they can't keep up with modern demands and expectations. In today's world, global solutions are required for local problems, so Anaconda has developed a nation-wide chain of real stores alongside a superior online shopping platform for local and international Anaconda visitors.

Shopping online has never been simpler. All Anaconda products are guaranteed for customer satisfaction, while major brands offer warranties on their snow boots and other apparel. At Anaconda, we support health, happiness and wellbeing with quality products designed to perform according to exacting specifications. Keeping your feet warm in the snow is serious business, and we are ready to accommodate your feet in style.

Anaconda aims to provide customers with the same high-level of service, whether you are purchasing instore or online. We encourage customers to ask questions regarding product features, and our experts are on hand to give you advice online, in-store or over the phone. We are passionate about the products we sell, and we are sure you are too, so when you are ready to purchase snow boots or other outdoor equipment, look no further than Anaconda.

At Anaconda, we offer a lowest price guarantee, delivery tracking, a comprehensive refunds and exchanges policy, and special discounts year-round so you are always sure to find a bargain. Our mission is to inspire, equip & enable Australians with the best value and broadest range of outdoor adventure and sporting products, and your new snow shoes are just the tip of the iceberg.



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