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Snow Boots

Snow Boots

Do you have a ski trip planned?

Keep your feet warm by picking up a beautiful pair of snow boots from the Anaconda catalogue.

Anaconda offers a nice range of snow boots for men, women and children.

We also have a nice range of camp slippers to keep your feet warm.

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Can I purchase après and snow boots at Anaconda?

Yes, if you are planning a trip to the slopes, want to build snowmen in the back yard, or need some comfortable boots to wear around town or when going hiking, Anaconda will be able to supply you with the correct boots. We stock apres and snow boots for men, women and kids of all ages, in a wide range of styles and sizes, and at prices to fit every budget.

What to look for when choosing winter or snow boots:


Warmth is obviously one of your first priorities when shopping for snow boots. Many manufacturers of serious winter boots give a temperature rating. When no temperature rating is available, look at the lining materials. Different kinds of winter boots have different linings.

Another factor that contributes to the warmth of a boot is the insole. The lining is a moot point if the cold seeps in through the sole and insole. For this reason, the insole is often insulated as well.


Boot linings do more than insulate your feet against the cold. Many snow boots have antibacterial or antimicrobial properties to prevent foot odours and bacterial growth that can start when the boot becomes moist through perspiration. Breathability sometimes clashes with the need for waterproofing, so take care when choosing your snow boots.


When boots are worn for long periods of time, comfort is very important. In particular, a good boot should support the foot and the arch and encourage good walking posture. The boot insole and lacing systems are mainly responsible for the comfort of a boot. Lacing systems also have a lot to do with good fit. Full lacing provides the best possible fit. Fashion boots are often just pulled on and not laced at all.


The traction offered by your boots is dependent on the size and the depth of the tread, or lugs, on the outer sole. They will help you grip the ground surface to prevent slips and falls. By far the most common material for the outer sole is rubber. Some outer soles are made of rubber mixed with carbon. This makes the rubber much harder, extending the life of the sole, but can be slick on icy surfaces.


Besides water-resisting properties of the boot upper material, there are other features in boots that can prevent water, snow, or slush from entering your boot, such as a gusseted tongue, a cuff or a gaiter. Gaiters are tubes that extend upwards from the top of the boot and tighten around the calf. Gaiters can be bought separately, but they can also be included in winter boots.


All that insulation, padding, and waterproofing, can make boots heavy. While a feeling of sturdiness is good on the feet, the weight of the boots should not make moving around a chore. Luckily, modern technology has made padding and insulating materials more lightweight and less bulky than before, so you can find lightweight winter boots that are comfortable and a pleasure to wear.

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