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Keep your bike in tip-top condition with a little tender loving care from our cleaners and lubricants range. Find the right lube for your bike now!

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Can I purchase cleaners and lubricants for my bike at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Browse our range of cleaning products, lubricants, repair kits and more for everything you need to maintain your bike or deal with any punctures or other defects. Bikes can suffer from spending most of their time outdoors and this can come to affect the many moving parts, so a little TLC will help you get the best performance out of your bike and will extend its useful life. Keeping on top of bike maintenance is especially important in winter when wet, salted, or gritted roads can accelerate wear and tear.

How should I maintain my bike?

Maintaining your bike depends on the amount of use it gets, and where you ride it. Obviously, a bike that is taken to the shops twice a week on paved roads will pick up a lot less dirt than one that is used off-road for sport every weekend. While the first one may just need to be cleaned twice a year, the other one may well require monthly maintenance. Maintaining your bike can be split up in various sections:

1. Cleaning your bike. This does not require any specialist tools, just a bucket, some cloths, some warm water and a cleaning agent. Although some people use ordinary household products, these can contain abrasive salts, so if you want to look after your bike, get some special bike cleaner. If your bike is very dirty, you may also want to get some degreaser.

2. Lubricating your bike. Lubricants, or lubes, are ideal for making sure that all the moving parts keep moving smoothly. Chains, brake cables and gears all benefit from lubrication. Always remove excess lubricant after a few minutes - if it is dripping down your bike it will not be doing any good and it will just collect dust and dirt.

3. Checking your bike. It is a good idea to check your bike over regularly, making sure that there is no obvious wear and tear, checking that lights, bells, brakes and gears still function properly, and adjusting things where needed. This may require an Allen key or a spanner.

4. Fixing a flat. If you feel confident in fixing punctures or replacing wheels, Anaconda also has everything you need. If not, you may need to find a bike store in your area that can do the job for you, as well as doing more specialist work on gear cables or bike chains. But there is a lot of good information to be found on the internet, so if you want to have a go, you can find out how and get the parts yourself, which can also save you money.

What else can I do to look after my bike?

Many bikes only get used when the weather is reasonable, so if you know that you will not be using the bike for a few months, it is sensible to ensure that it is stored in a dry, cool place. Never put your bike away for a long period without cleaning and lubricating it, otherwise you may get a nasty surprise a few months down the line when you want to go out for a spin.

Browse our range of cleaners and lubricants for bikes to see what is on offer, and don't forget that this is just a small part of the huge range of cycling products on offer here at Anaconda. For DIY bike maintainers, a work stand that raises the bike off the floor, allowing the wheels to spin freely, can also be a great help.



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