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Want to show off the size of your catch? Then look at the great fishing mat options that allow you to measure your fish and settle any arguments. Shop Now!

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Get the Best Fishing Accessories only at Anaconda

If you've already got all the essential fishing equipment covered, don't forget to checkout our huge selection of fishing tools and accessories. These pieces of kit may not be entirely necessary to help you catch fish, but will surely make your fishing adventures much smoother and more enjoyable.

Fish Handling Tools and Accessories

Anaconda has all the tools and equipment you need to properly handle any fish you catch so it doesn't get ruined and has better chances of survival when you throw it back in the water. Ensuring the fish's survival is important whether you always practise catch and release, or just caught one that's a bit too small.

Lip grips or de-hooking tools allow you to remove your hook from the fish in one quick motion. You can even unhook the fish from the side of your boat without taking it out of the water. If you're more used to unhooking fish using a pair of pliers we also carry a number of different pliers such as floating pliers, stainless steel pliers and multi tools.

Once a fish is taken out of the water, you can use a fishing mat to preserve the fish's protective slime which it needs to prevent infections. This increases the fish's chances of survival when you put it back in the water. Fishing mats also minimise damage to the fish while it's thrashing around and provide a stable surface which makes unhooking the fish from your line much easier. Anaconda also sells landing nets if you just need a quick way to grab a hold of your catch and make sure it doesn't get away.

Measuring Rulers

When you land your biggest fish ever, you don't want to get caught out without a measuring ruler. Otherwise, your friends and family might just think you're weaving a tall tale. A photo of your prize catch next to a clearly legible measuring ruler is all the proof you'll ever need.

In many areas, it's also illegal to take fish that are too small, so you'll always need a measuring ruler handy if you want to be in compliance with the law.

Camping and Survival Gear

Anaconda sells a wide selection of outdoor and camping gear that go hand in hand with fishing.

If you intend to cook your fish for dinner, you'll need a good knife to clean and prepare your catch. And with our wide range of high quality hunting knives, you'll have no problem finding the right one that suits your needs the best. We also sell cleaning and filleting boards designed specifically for outdoor use, which allows you to always have a clean surface to work with.

Whenever you're looking for new fishing spots, check out our selection compasses to make sure you don't lose your way, as well as our map holders so you can quickly mark the best spots worth revisiting. We also sell machetes that allow you to cut through thick brush so you can make a clear path for yourself.

If you're venturing into unfamiliar territory, check out our safety whistles and radio beacons so you'll have a way of calling for help in case you lose your way.

We also carry other camping and fishing essentials like foldaway stools, aerators to keep your live bait alive, trowels for digging holes, batteries for your electronic gear, and multi tools for quick fixes and rigging up temporary solutions.

Essential Reading for Anglers

To make you a better outdoorsman and fisherman, Anaconda also sells instructional books that teach you all the essential fishing knots, as well as fishing almanacs that contain boatloads of information that are of great interest for any angler.



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