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There is plenty to consider prior to purchasing a sleeping bag. Are you a hiker with a daypack planning to carry everything on your back, or are you hitting the highway on an Australia-wide road trip? Do you enjoy the tropics, or prefer the snow? Do you rest peacefully in a snug down sleeping bag, or prefer to spread like a starfish under spacious bedding with a quality sleeping bag liner? To optimise your sleeping bag purchase, you need to investigate outdoor and trekking options available from camping and hiking specialists.

The best outdoor retailers understand that Australians require wide-ranging sleeping bag options. Ours is a huge country with incredibly diverse climates, geography and experiences on offer, and the right sleeping bag, hiking tent, tarps, and ultra-light equipment purchase will make a huge difference to your level of camping comfort. Hiking and camping isn't always easy, but the rewards are great, and when your trip is supported by quality Anaconda products, you are in step with modern style and luxury. When investigating sleeping bag options, take the time to discover more Anaconda camping ideas such as dome tents, hydration packs, first aid kits, duffel bags, gaiters, hoodies, scarves and a whole lot more.


The first consideration is to understand the differences between camping, backpacking and hiking. If you are travelling in a 4WD or campervan you can carry a tent, adults and kid's sleeping bags, hammocks, sleeping mats, airbeds and sleeping bag liners on board without taking up too much space. Hikers, on the other hand, need to travel light and are rewarded by carrying purpose-designed backpacks, swags, tents, cookware, water bottles and lightweight sleeping bags.

Backpackers are the third category, where backpacks are generally slung over the shoulder during the short journey from the shuttle bus to the backpacker reception desk. Don't be deceived however, as many backpackers are ready for action and carry a compact and lightweight sleeping bag, water bottles, scarves, toiletries, water sports gear and innovative camping and hiking accessories with them at all times. Outdoor specialists at Anaconda make it possible to enjoy the best Australian trekking and camping during every season.

It's worth understanding there is no one-size-fits-all solution for sleeping bags. That's why Anaconda offers Australia's widest range of outdoor gear including down sleeping bags, kids sleeping bags, double sleeping bags, synthetic sleeping bags, lightweight sleeping bags, sleeping bag liners, sleeping mats and other comfy camp solutions. They come in different shapes and configurations, and you will also need to investigate sleeping bag temperature ratings depending on your camping destination. You may prefer to own several sleeping bags plus innovative sleeping liner inserts designed to improve warming and cooling while you sleep.

You should also consider outdoor factors while selecting a sleeping bag. Temperature ratings, for example, are based on the average sleeper only, while other factors will also affect sleep, such as your mattress/pad, humidity, wind and your sleepwear. Most importantly, your sleeping bag should feel comfortable and induce a good night's sleep. Sleeping bags are available in many shapes and sizes, with superior options available at Anaconda from manufacturers that include Sea To Summit, BlackWolf, Caribee, Oztrail, Marmot and Darche.

Rectangular. Once you have decided on your destination you are ready to choose an appropriate sleeping bag, and options abound at Anaconda.

Burke & Wills Ranger Sleeping Bag: Resembling the classic Aussie outback swag, this sleeping bag is perfect for the rugged camper. Consisting of a cotton canvas shell, flannel lined inner and hollow fibre filling, this versatile bag is the right fit for comfort in warm and temperate outdoor Australia.

Dune 4WD Flinders Jumbo II Hood Sleeping Bag: If you require cold climate comfort plus extra room to move, this sleeping bag is worth considering. With a comfort rating of -5C and a 70 Denier polyester cover lining, you can hit the high country in style. Check out Anaconda's amazing range of snow gear for more inspiration.

Semi-Rectangular. This is a smart shape for use in shared spaces. Semi-rectangular sleeping bags are the right compromise between warmth and roominess for many people. Options include:

Spinifex Peak Hooded Sleeping Bag: Another big name in the camping and hiking world, Spinifex are among the most popular sleeping bags in Australia. Designed for local conditions and at a price regular Australians can afford, the Spinifex Peak Hooded Sleeping Bag has impressive warming capacity and is an ideal travelling companion for camping adventures.

BlackWolf Comet 500Sleeping Bag: A backpacker's favourite, the BlackWolf Comet has style appeal for travellers to most Australian destinations. Whether you require bedding for a hostel stay, a lightweight bag for sleeping on the beach, campsite comfort, or a snoozy escape while waiting at a busy transit stop, this sleeping bag ticks all the right boxes.

Mummy. This style is specifically designed for lightweight hiking. The shape facilitates a close fit that encourages extra warmth, perfect for the high country. When using a mummy-shaped sleeping bag, you roll over with the bag when sleeping, rather than turning inside it.

Mountain Designs Travelite 500Sleeping Bag: If your aim is to keep your pack lightweight without sacrificing comfort, the Travelite 500 is a top choice. Warmth to weight ratios are enhanced with soft down filling, ripstop nylon, curved baffles and many other innovations for thermal efficiency. Weighing only 920g, this sleeping bag is ideal for camping, hiking and long-distance trekking.

Marmot Trestles 30Sleeping Bag: A favourite for trekking and mountaineering, this slimline sleeping bag is adaptable. Innovations include better insulation around your feet, Spirafil High Loft Insulation, a full-length zipper and stash pocket, all while ensuring a comfortable night's sleep in temperatures reaching -1 C.

Double Bag. There are times when toughing it out is the preferred hiking option, but other occasions can be tailored for luxury camping where comforts are prioritised. If you are travelling with a special someone and accessing the camp site by 4WD or other vehicle, a double sleeping bag is a no-brainer for the perfect romantic getaway.

Spinifex Moondance Queen Sleeping Bag: This opulent bag is tough, comfortable and warming even in frosty conditions. The silktek liner and fleece around the feet area add a touch of class that is sure to impress your companion. Versatility includes the option to use the sleeping bag as a fitted cover over a queen-size airbed or mattress. The unit includes two pillows for additional camping decadence.

Mountain Designs Outdoor Quilt: There are times in tropical Australia when any sleeping bag is too warm, and alternatives are required. Anaconda is up to the task with the Mountain Designs Outdoor Quilt, perfect for comfort at a campsite, on the beach, or just relaxing on the couch. The great scenery looks even better when cosying up under a special outdoor quilt with your special someone.


Modern varieties of sleeping bag insulation are specially formulated for maintaining constant and comfortable temperature. Sleeping bag insulation includes ultra-light natural and synthetic materials, and the best lightweight sleeping bags are all available at Anaconda in store or online.

Synthetic Insulation: Usually the more affordable option for general camping conditions and mild temperatures. Synthetic sleeping bag materials continue to insulate even when damp, plus they dry fast and are non-allergenic, making them a family-friendly hiking and camping solution.

Down Insulation: This soft, luxuriant material is incredibly lightweight and performs well in cold weather. Superior down sleeping bags incorporate water-resistant treatments for additional protection. Down compresses easily yet remains soft and durable for many years of trekking adventures.


If your down sleeping bag or synthetic sleeping bag is starting to lose its plumpness and warmth it could be due for a wash. It's important to refresh your sleeping bag from time to time as body oils and dirt can migrate into the fill or down, compromising its warming and waterproofability. Your sleeping bag can be washed in a large washer and dryer, and here are the basic steps.

1: Check the manufacturer's instructions on the down or synthetic sleeping bag label.

2: Use the appropriate cleaning product for your sleeping bag, swag, sleeping bag liner, etc.

3: Wash the sleeping bag using a gentle cycle and warm (not hot) water.

4: Run a second rinse cycle to remove any remaining residue.

5: Remove the sleeping bag carefully so it doesn't snag or rip.

6: Squeeze out excess water from the sleeping bag and place it in the dryer. Run on a low heat.

7: Run until the sleeping bag is dry. Hang the bag out in the fresh air and sun if possible.


It's one thing to purchase a cheap sleeping bag, but another thing entirely to purchase a quality ultralight sleeping bag at a bargain price. Quality really does matter, and it's simply not worth compromising sleeping bag comfort on your next hiking, camping or 4WD adventure. Anaconda stocks a massive range of sleeping bags and accessories designed for comfortable camping in all conditions. Make a check list to ensure you have everything you need for your next camping or backpacking trip. Important items include spare parts,toiletries,thongs,tarps,BBQequipment,cookware,headlampsand more. Anaconda has everything you need at prices that can't be matched.

Special products and innovations include kid's animal and aquatic-shaped sleeping bags, Slumbertrek adult and children’s sleeping bag suits and Sea to Summit Thermo and Coolmax liners. Family-friendly kid's sleeping bags, baby sleeping bags and even pet sleeping bags for showing a little puppy love are available at Anaconda.


Compact and lightweight camping solutions are an Anaconda speciality. Our quality sleeping bags are designed for convenient compression and packing in their dedicated carry bag. Our lightweight options are ideal for serious trekkers and mountaineers, and we don't skimp on the extras for holidaymakers who lean more toward glamping options. If you are hitting the open road, heading for the high country, or simply require adaptable sleeping solutions while touring Australia, Anaconda should be your first port of call.

Check out the full range of Anaconda products designed to enhance your camping experience. Purchase online or visit us instore for more advice and inspiration.





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