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At Anaconda, our huge range of high-quality sleeping bags come in a variety of colours, sizes and styles with the ultimate comfort for any outdoor adventure. From big-name brands including Mountain Designs, Spinifex, Oztent and many more, shop for your perfect camping and hiking sleeping bag in-store or online today!

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It's important to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for sleeping bags. That's why Anaconda offers Australia's widest range of outdoor gear including down sleeping bags, kids sleeping bags, double sleeping bags, synthetic sleeping bags, lightweight sleeping bags, sleeping bag liners, sleeping mats and other comfy camp solutions.

Most importantly, your sleeping bag should feel comfortable and provide a good night's sleep. As our range of sleeping bags is available in many shapes and sizes, here are the four main types of sleeping bags to consider:

1. Rectangular sleeping bag

Rectangular sleeping bags are perfect for the rugged camper, and this versatile sleeping bag is the right fit for comfort when camping in warm and temperate outdoor Australia. As the most traditional type of sleeping bag, this shape offers plenty of space to stretch and roll over when sleeping and leans towards comfort over warmth. If you're camping in summer or in warm weather and want a sleeping bag that is going to give you enough room to get comfy, then a rectangular sleeping bag is the best choice.

2. Semi-rectangular sleeping bag

This is a smart shape for when sleeping in shared spaces. Semi-rectangular sleeping bags are the right compromise between warmth and roominess for many people. With a similar shape to mummy-shaped sleeping bags, a semi-rectangular shape has a rounded top with a thinner bottom compared to rectangular sleeping bags, making them the perfect option when wanting roominess and warmth.

3. Mummy sleeping bag

If your aim is to keep your pack lightweight without sacrificing comfort, then mummy sleeping bags are the right choice. The shape facilitates a close fit that maximises warmth, making them perfect for the high country. This is because of the reduced air inside of the sleeping bag due to its shape, allowing it to quickly warm up once inside. When using a mummy-shaped sleeping bag, you also roll over with the bag when sleeping rather than turning inside it. This sleeping bag shape is ideal for camping, hiking and long-distance trekking in cold weather.

4. Double Sleeping bag

There are times when toughing it out is the preferred hiking option, but other occasions can be tailored for luxury camping where comfort is a priority. If you are travelling with a special someone, then a double sleeping bag is a no-brainer for the perfect romantic getaway. Perfect for comfort at a campsite, on the beach or just relaxing on the couch, the great scenery looks even better when cosying up in a double sleeping bag with your special someone.


Modern varieties of sleeping bag insulation are specially formulated for maintaining a constant and comfortable temperature. Sleeping bag insulation includes ultra-light natural and synthetic materials and the best lightweight sleeping bags are all available at Anaconda in-store or online.

Synthetic insulation

Usually the more affordable option for general camping conditions and mild temperatures. Synthetic sleeping bag materials continue to insulate even when damp, plus they dry fast and are non-allergenic, making them a family-friendly hiking and camping solution.

Down insulation

This soft, luxuriant sleeping bag material is incredibly lightweight and performs well in cold weather. Superior down sleeping bags incorporate water-resistant treatments for additional protection. Down compresses easily yet remains soft and durable for many years of trekking adventures.


  • Sleeping essentials: our great range of sleeping essentials has everything you need for your next outdoor adventure, from foam pillows to sleeping bag liners, mosquito nets and more.
  • Hiking mats: our high-quality range of hiking mats will make sure you're fully prepared for your next camping trip and features many well-known camping brands including Mountain Designs, Denali Camper and more.
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  • Tents: from swags and family tents to gazebos, 10-people tents, rooftop tents and much more, our comprehensive range of tents has all your tent needs covered.
  • Sleeping: our massive sleeping range features a great selection of camping mattresses, air beds, camp stretchers and more, all available in a range of sizes and styles.


There is plenty to consider prior to purchasing a sleeping bag. Australia is a huge country with incredibly diverse climates, geography and experiences on offer, and the right sleeping bag will make a huge difference to your level of camping comfort. For more helpful information to make sure you make the right choice, check out our sleeping bag buying guide.

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